Friday, November 11, 2011

Tag: 11 things you should know about me ...

Ah. Coincidentally it's 11.11.11 today. Very special day. I bet you saw a lot of wedding cars on the road today, either on their way or back from churches or some other wedding reception venues or places of worship. I don't know any of my friends getting wedded today, but I wish the rest a good blessed marriage life ahead. Luck has nothing to do with it, effort does.

Anyway, I've been tagged! Been awhile since I got or initiated any of these. This goes to Ms Rose Ragai who kindly thought of me when she did this tag and passed it along. So, to reciprocate, here goes 11 things you should know about me (although in no certain terms could you prove any of it without really knowing the real me).

Rules & Regulations:
♥ each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal
♥ answer the question the tagger set for u in their post and create 11 new questions for the people u tagged the answer .
♥ choose 11 people to tag the post and link them the post .
♥ go to their page and tell them u have tagged her/him .
♥ no tags back .

11 things about Coffee Girl (in random order)
  1. Loves coffee, obviously. Mostly Black on normal days, but 3-in-1 will do just fine sometimes.
  2. Must have coffee at least a mug a day.
  3. Visits Starbucks once in 2 or 3 months only, contrary to popular belief.
  4. Been asked by a doctor once about average consumption of coffee a day, when I complained of sleep disorder and menses irregularity. Queer, that.
  5. Lost nearly 10kg within 3 months in 2002, due to a diet of 3-cups of coffee a day and 2 cans of diet coke, and not much else. (a subconscious unplanned diet and not recommended by the way)
  6. That, and the fact that I was a subeditor in a now-closed-down press company, doing 10 hours work a day and 1 off-day a week, with real pressing deadlines. There wasn't much room to go out and have real meal.
  7. Plays guitar in church.
  8. Once spent 2 hours being interviewed for a Senior PR post in a reputable company, won a second-round interview, but lost to another girl who were taken in favor of her race and religion. Politics never play fair. But it was a wake-up call for me.
  9. Loves fried Tempoyak (fermented durian).
  10. Is a December baby, 3 days shy of Christmas.  
  11. Is quite a private person. Although some people would think I am secretive.Heh. Not so secretive now leh.

11 Qs From Rose Ragai:
1. What is your favourite food?
A: Does coffee count?

2. Do you have enemy(s)? Will you forgive them?
A: I'm not sure about that because they won't tell me to my face, but I'm quite a nice person. Yes of course I would.

3. Do you have BESTFRIEND(s)? How many?
A: Yes, I do. They change with time and place. How that happens I'm not so sure.

4. Outdoor or indoor?
A: Depends on what you mean by that. Both, I guess.

5. Nicol David or Nicole Scherzinger?
A: None of the above. 

6. Love your JOB? Is it your DREAM JOB?
A: I won't say it's love. It's a job. And no it isn't.

7. Why you LOVE or HATE your job?
A: I don't want to have to work, per se, but if I have to, it would be for me.

8. Singing, dancing, sitting, gossiping .... which one you prefer when you are at a party?
A: Eating!

9. Do you have pets? What is it?
A: Does pet peeves count? That would be squinting my eyes to read a distant writing even tho I have perfect eyesight. Habits copied from bespectacled siblings.

10. What is your crazy bad habit? (i.e: kentut di khalayak ramai...kih kih kih)
A: Blabbering.

11. What is your phobia?
 A: That he won't find me attractive. Kidding! I have none. I am fearless!

So there you have it. Since I suppose not many will answer this even if I tag you, I shall let it rest here. Happy weekend, you all!

P/s: My birthday will be 22.12.11 this year! Nice number ok.


  1. I love the 7th thing about u!^^

  2. tempoyak goreng?? omaigodddddd... *air liur dh mcm waterfall* ;p

  3. No.5 - Can lose weight with coffee? I will start drinking by gallons!

    No.9 - I am a durian freako so I am curious to try Tempoyak. Never seen them in West M'sia.

  4. arghhh..Tempoyak goreng!!! that's addicted, aku baru jak makan itu tempoyak goreng time balit kg minggu lepas

  5. Fiona: thanks! do you too?

    Hanie: aku baru makan lagi se-dose lagi tadi, tanpa nasi, camtu je. haha

    Twilight Man: No.5 - i didnt plan it, it just happened, i didnt eat much else because i was too busy chasing deadlines. No.9 - sure got, u try the wet market, usually makcik2 sell those exclusively. but hard to find.

    Korawk: yes addictive! i got a carton of raw tempotak in my fridge bawa balik dr kampung juak. hehe

    Willie: u do? thats nothing, only 10% of me. :-))

  6. Hi CoffeeGirl, very interesting. Love your lifestyle and outlook of life.
    You the kind of lady that will make a man wish time will slow down.....and the night to last.
    Reading your this posting, can imagine you are very interesting conversationalist.
    Have fun, and keep well.

  7. Uncle Lee: thank you, u do flatter me. u mean the blabbering part, do you? esp to break the ice so u wont have to? hahaha. i am i supposed a good conversationalist, but that all depends on the person im conversing with.

  8. nice number! happy birthday in advance! mek da juak kenak tag entry gitok.hehe

  9. Makceh Hani Apandi. :-) ada mek nanga kitak mpun. hehe


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