Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Online Shopping Junkie ...

I am unrepentant.


Proud to be.

 Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images 

Why, just last week I bought this gorgeous baby for a wedding I was supposed to attend. 

 And it my first time buying heels online! What risk. Thank God they fit. 

Will I repeat the deed?

Oh yes, definitely!


  1. You know,I have never tried to buy anything online before, was thinking of buying a pair of Oakley sport sunglasses online but was kind of scared that it would be a fake one,, any advice to give,since now that you've got experience,,,I mean any trusted sites for online shopping?

  2. i was addicted with online shopping but now boleh control la..hehehe ;)

  3. I bought a gymboss online and instead of getting one. I got 4... haha a lot of miscomm there but hey its all worth it xD

  4. Me too, dah brapa kali beli kasut online, byk juak yg sik muat, tp sik juak jerak. Yesterday baru dapat kotak post laju gik...control..control..:)

  5. dadyana: i know right? lol. jalan pun hot. sebab i have to get used to the almost 3.5 inches.

    eugene: Wow, i googled Oakley sport sunglasses and they look beyond cool! that is quite a high-end brand isnt it? its always better to buy those right at its counter, u dont wanna miss out on the service and warranty stuff. But if you insist, some bloggers do sell these as an independent seller as well, just ask them first for the warranty. i found one:

    Luciana: as long as there's credit in the card and cash in the bank, there will always be sweet temptation to deal with on a daily basis. haha. just a matter of giving in or giving up.

    Daneal: u got 4 gymboss? hahaha. for what, each to time your toning, flexing, situps, and stretching is it? LOL.

    Ivynana: dah namanya junkie nak, nang sik pandei jerak. tiap kali dpt package dr Posmen mesti jerit dolok nak. hahaha

  6. No la... i bought one but datang 4 ^^ like i said, its because of technical problem :D

    I'm not that greedy nor am i a big spender okay :P

  7. Daneal: i know, just wondered why they thought u needed that many. do u need all 4, or can you spare one? im trying to keep track of my running too (kononnya) haha

  8. the heels are so tall! i wouldn't be used to wearing such heels, but anyway it's a nice pair! :)

  9. FiSh: im not used to it either and i must confess it's not easy. lol. it takes some practice, but not recommended on a daily basis. And thanks for visiting. :-)

  10. Wow! That heels Rock! I had a pair of something like those too but I only wear it during function.... This 4" heels give me Batophobia and also not safe to wear if kids are around. LOL! Anyway just don get addicted to online shopping, sometime those things are not like wat it suppose tp look like better chk for the term & conditions =) Happy Shopping!

  11. Venie: i only wear them to functions too, never for work. its like walking on edge of the cliff isnt it, altho it gives the impression of being tall, temporarily. LOL. Thanks!

  12. mek addict juak dah onlie shopping.sikpat nanga barang kacak sikit, alu mok laa.huhu..

    heels ya lok, tggi sekali.mun kmk makei alu terusuk :P

  13. Hani apandi: hahah semua ompuan tok sama kali nak. :-) sikda terusuk, seminggu i practisnya, ya pun sakit pinggang lepas ya. hahaha


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