Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gone nasal ...

The only bright spot about having a flu is that my voice will change a tone lower, giving off a husky note that I find quite pleasing to my own ears. Well, not all things are bad, right? Have to find the silver lining somewhere, even where there isn't any at the time.

December brings with it the rain, the holidays, the food, the festivities, the weddings, the birthday (mine), the year end sales, the gatherings, and of course the snivels. The only thing December is not is snow, at least in this part of the world. But since our environment is not really equipped for winter, I better not wish for something I can't handle as of now. You want snow, go to where there is snow.

Anyway, funny thing about bosses: This morning I went to see mine to seek approval on something, and I started wheezing and sneezing the minute I walked into his room, 4-ply tissue in hand, all teary eyed from the effort. Yes, I am a bit of a teddy bear when I am in that mode, looking for whatever sympathy I can get. But he just took one look at me and went "Flu? Aww, really? That's nothing. You can still walk, can you?" with a grin.

Okay so I may have exaggerated a little, but that look he gave me was unmistakably a "Oh so you can fall sick after all. Not so immune now are you?" I gave one big sneeze, just for good measure, smiled and hoped in my heart the virus will find its mark. "Yes boss, I can still walk. I'm here aren't I? If I called in sick this morning, you would get worried." I retorted, then belatedly remembered I once bragged about having a no-MC for almost a year. Hah. Should have kept my mouth shut.

The only reason I turned up to work this morning was because I have so much to do before I take a long year end holiday. The second reason is because I would berate my subordinates should they call in sick at the first sign of a sneeze, even though they can still walk, so here I go proving I can so so should they. The third reason is because if I did call in sick, my so-called smart-phone would still be ringing all day and sending work emails my way, so I don't see the point in being at home when I would still be expected to work.

I wish you could hear my voice right now. It's downright sexy!

P/s: That's the Panadol talking.


  1. Take care and get well before your long leave. Happy holiday, ya!

  2. Poor thing! Get well soon... It can get pretty hot some days...and the fruits flooding the market sure don;t help much. Take care.

  3. Hi Coffee girl, regret read of your flu.
    Hey....get someone to go to a Chinese medicine shop....get a couple of packets of this herbal tea called, 'Hor Yan Hor'.....yaaa, I know, sounds like Tarzan calling for his elephants, ha ha.
    It is made in Ipoh, Perak. And not smelly like a public washroom, nice sweetish scent.
    Cheap too.

    Drink it hot, 1 cup asap, and one before going to bed.
    Coffeegirl, You will feel better.....try it!
    Good for fever, flu, or just feeling blue.....but not sure about broken hearts or love sickness, ha ha.
    Let me know if you try it.
    Get well soon.

  4. Get well soon gal.
    Mun ada award for non MC of the year, mesti you selalu dapat kan? Kami baru jak mula award ya this year, for sure I will never get one.

  5. Yes, what Uncle Lee advise on 'Hor Yan Hor' is very good. My husband will take it and felt much better.
    Get well soon and take care :)

  6. awww.. get well soon dear. just don't push yourself too hard time2 mcm ni okey. most of the time will lead to fever. be patient, not forgetful. :P

    saya pun lahir december juga. which date are you?

  7. get well soon CG, drink some coffee. It might take the flu away ;)

  8. Rose: thank you! You too!

    suituapui: yes, all the durian and rambutan all along the roads from Kuching-Serian... making the body heat go high up

    Uncle Lee: i know that tea brand! sounds very herbally too. my dad likes it, unfortunately i dont keep stock at my own place. must buy soon. thanks for the tips, Uncle Lee. so far ive only taken hot green tea and mung bean porridge, until i get so sick of it. haha.

    Ivynana: Thanks. ya lah kan? eh, ada juak org di ofis aku record MC clean juak kedak aku. a tie! sikhal, bagus sihat drpd sik, ye tak?

    Iriene: thanks Iriene, the chinese makes really nice herbal tea, dont they? :-)

    Fina: thanks Fina. jangkit sebenarnya. hahaha. mine is 22! near Christmas. Yours?

    Wilson: thanks. doctor says no caffeine when on flu because caffeine dehydrates the body. huhuhu. *u think i listen kah? noooo*

  9. i was born on 1st of december. hehe..

  10. Fina: that's yesterday! Happy Birthday to you! :-)


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