Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What do you call that time lapse between midnight and dawn?

I call it MISERABLE sometimes.

Haven't been to see my doctor in ages, I'm sure he would call it Twilight or something intelligent. Although in my caffeinated state, I would have to disagree on the grounds that tea-drinker knows nothing about this stoned and euphoric state. 

You should try it sometimes.


  1. nyaman eh, dengan keadaan opis yang sejuk2 tok, nang teringin na rasa. Esok mesti mbak 3-in-1 white coffee ke opis eh.

  2. The time for pee and poo... LOL!!! I've got excellent bowel movement but I do wish it does not have to be at 3 or 4 a.m. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  3. can i send u hugh jackman?

  4. I call it the time for coffee, haha :D

  5. Midnight Dawn? hahahhahah! Why bother?!! Time to go to sleep la...

  6. watever name they called always taste good!

    eh..tetibe! ahahha

  7. Ivynana: start your morning with coffee... nescaya akan mata cerah. :-))

    suituapui: really? how horrible for u to have ur sleep interrupted for that call of nature. Hahaha

    Tia: yes pleasssssseeeeee!

    Daniel: past midnight? LOL. not a good idea altho unless you're ready to bear the consequences.

    Venie: Hahaha got kah that term? you sleep i ronda

    Hanie: yesss betul! ;P

  8. as for me, i wake up at around 4am most times.. not to blog or post.. but to go "unburden" some water... hahaha...

  9. I drink coffee before driving to school. I drive one and half hours to school for five days (63km per trip). Ahaks!

  10. reanaclaire: hahahaha another case of nature calls. cant be helped. if u gotta go u gotta go, right?

    Willie: oh that's quite a distance, and i bet it must be early morning too since ur teaching right? Thank God for coffee!

  11. Hi CoffeeGirl, first thing I wake up in the morning, be it Summer or Winter, I must have my iced coffee. Maxwell House Rich Blend.
    And I must have a glass before I go to bed....
    If for some reason I wake up 'in twilight'....yes, I make a glass of iced coffee.
    Nothing like the scent of coffee to charge up my engine, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  12. Uncle Lee: iced coffee in winter? i tried Maxwell House, potent. Need getting used to. If u get charged up when you wake up at twilight, what will u be doing? haha. stay awake till dawn? You have a nice day too

  13. To be honest... I have no problem drinking coffee before sleep... haha i guess my body is immune to it already =/

  14. Daniel: mine is supposed to be immune by now too, which is weird because it sometimes does work and sometimes doesnt. maybe im mutating!! LOL


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