Monday, October 31, 2011

Mind-blowing sex ...

[The overdue sexy post - Open mind needed]

All that orgy-talk and simultaneous intercourse got some of you excited, right? Come on, admit it. Your curiosity overrode all else, as if I didn't know. When men talk about sex, it's a given. But when women talk about it openly, men would go on alert because that's mainly their subject. The world is changing, or is that a cliche?

In my faith, if a guy so much as look at a woman and imagining himself in bed with her, he is already committing a sin - adultery. Same goes with a woman. The Bible says you don't have to do the deed with him/her physically to actually sin. You can do so with just your mind. Like, if a person wishes so badly for another person to die, he has already committed murder in his mind. He might as well pick up a weapon and kill that person himself.

But that's my faith, people, nothing to do with yours. Maybe the same but different.

Which is why now that I think about it, some religions require their women not to dress indecently or suggestively because it will invite the men to think improper thoughts which in turn will lead them to sin. So yes, the mind is a powerful tool. Or a channel, if you must. Fathers with growing-up daughters know this. Mothers more so.

Now when I read in The Stars paper about the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) talking about having spiritual sex, I frowned. Maybe I was supposed to laugh out loud, but I was holding a mug of hot coffee and it won't do well to spill it and waste good brew. My initial thought was "Dude, really?" Twice I read it, still it made no sense and still the laughter didn't come.

Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. This, right after everyone initially misinterpreted the author of the book. That's right, I am definitely talking about that "Islamic Sex, Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World" book. The one and only. I mean, at least a 'group sex' is more understandable to mean what the writer says it means, no matter how outrageous. But to say that it actually means having spiritual sex with multiple wives in different locations? Oh, that effectively gives 'ubiquitous' a new meaning.

Last I checked, only God can be in many places at one time. Omnipresent. But again, that is my faith people.

The more the OWC open their collective mouths, the more they sound like some Cult group. You know, the ones that are destined for tragic ending of some sort, if you read enough of the kind.

 File Pic: YodPod, the sun kissed hippie "Source" cult (Guruphiliac)

Smells weirder by the minute, if you ask me. That is only the first book. Wait till you see the second book! I bet they would have visuals and pictures with positions and tips and such! It is going to be a best-seller yet although I'm imagining no man will own up ever reading it. Who knows religious porn sells? Well what else would you call it? Madonna and her SEX book will cry foul!

Psst... they're selling the books strictly to members only (although how the frog it got into the wrong hands is suspiciously conspiratorial) so how about that? There will be a leak again, I bet you.

Yes, it is bad form to make fun of other people's belief. And I am having a really open mind, but sometimes, some things just cannot be open enough. Oh I am the last person you should ask about sex, but even I know how frustrating it must be not to have the real thing. Whatever happened to good ol' sex the natural way?

Oh one more! One more! This one actually made me sat down speechless. There's one part that says "It is important for a woman’s breasts to be sucked in order to prevent breast cancer". On a medicinal view, yes, it is researched that breastfeeding helps to reduce breast cancer among women. But this one is written in a purely sexual context, I am so sure they were not talking about babies and breast feeding. Which leaves ........


You probably didn't say it out loud, but you think it!! Ha ha!


  1. Haha I intended to make a post about this also previously... I guess I was too caught up with a lot of stuff...

    OWC another laughing stock =.= oh man... anything to legalize group orgy... haha

    1. Once you have those stems out of the way and her honey spot front and center so to speak – that special place is where the man’s attention should go. Adults blog

  2. One of the reason that alArqam should be banned!

  3. adeh...ingatkan mok promote author baru tek..haha

  4. ku blogwalking di opis tek... mok lawat blog kau la tek.. alu kena block administrator gara2 word SEX.. ha ha ha ha...

    anyway, OWC ya nang cam sik logik...

  5. Please do not be confused by any other thing when it comes to sex, it should only be enjoyed by two legetimate and consenting partners,,,,,,,any other than that,it is just to fool you and me to get to bed and have sex,that's all ...

    some gurus will teach you that you need to have sex with him first to cleanse your inner soul ,,my foot i say to him

  6. Din ~ OWC ya club paling ngutik (scary) zaman tok hehe (what are they thinking ?) is a taboo subject even for people of my age hehehe..

  7. Daniel: why dont you? it's an interesting subject, gross pun ada. haha seriously derailed.

    Wan Shariff: i thought they were, werent they? it's people like these that give some of us a bad name

    Ivynana: hahahah! mok ku molah review buku ya

    Rose: hahahahah did u get into trouble for it? sorry.

    Eugene: exactly! a beautiful thing suddenly becomes obscene. and i might add it requires a certain amount of brainwashing for some of these followers to actually fall for that trick. or maybe some just need an excuse to actually have an orgy. who knows.

    Hamidah: betul! it is still a taboo subject, should be a discreet subject, very personal. anymore than that then it's downright smut

    Cyrildason: thank you. :-)

  8. "It is important for a woman’s breasts to be sucked in order to prevent breast cancer".

    Luckily I just finish my drinks...

  9. I enjoy ur blog so I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Please find more info at :

  10. not so much problem la but i will not be able to browse yr blog in the office anymorelah.... he he he... kena BANNED suda yr page from our company internet server... huhuhu

  11. Venie: when i read the review i did more than laugh, i went over to my colleagues and told them and we laughed even harder! hahaha! and thank you for the award, you're such a babe! will respond later.

    Suituapui: i wish i did, just to get a bit of understanding on what theyre talking about. alas.

    Rose: really? sexist juak internet server kitak org? hahhaa. ok ok... i will enter a new post with a clean heading, see can open or not later. if not, you pakai la broadband u ka. di umah ka. sowie

  12. Aku tetak2 lok...blogwalking sambil carik idea utk entry baru aku...SEX is good but good for married couples lah...

  13. Hi Coffe Girl, all I can say is, Holy Smoke! Where these people from? I guess these are people who don't believe men has walked on the moon.

    These people should join politics, as pulling rabbits out of hats are politician's specialities...
    In my mind about that book, one word comes to mind, 'voyeurs'.

  14. Globalized Dayung: SEX should always be a private matter. Always.

    Uncle Lee: lol yes 'voyeurs' is what i thought of first too. Im afraid if they join politics, the election would a laughing stock.


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