Thursday, October 13, 2011

In memory of Black ...

(While it's still fresh in my mind. You can flip if you want.)

Any form of life is sacred, no matter that they are born without the willpower and intellect that we human have.

A few weeks ago, Black the Boxweiler, was cornered by a few drunken guys nearby a local grocery store. The sight of him cowering gave the men some sort of perverse power. They picked up empty bottles, broken glasses, sticks and whatever were handy and threw them at him. Some missed its mark, some bulls-eyed. The helpless yelps and sometimes angry growls just made the men madder. 15 minutes later Black came home trembling with rage and spotting bruises and tiny cuts. This went on for a few more long days, and like a bullied child, an animal is no better, and as the hurt grew, so did the hatred for these despicable men.

And then the tables turned. A week ago, a neighbor rushed to the mistress informing her that Black had ran rampage and attacking the men one by one, the assailants who had been terrorizing him for days on end. He cornered one at his house not far away and rushed at him gnarling and barking ferociously, alarming the whole neighborhood. The man feared for his family. And then Black ran after another man who was on his way home from work. He didn't make it to a safe place before Black attacked him on his feet until a crowd rescued the man. Black ambushed another man at his house one morning and almost broke the fence fighting the man who was wielding a helmet. Even then the man continued to taunt him.

This went on for several days and Black came home after each encounter. You would think a dog would not know any better, but sometimes animals are more acute than humans, especially when bent on revenge. Black did not forget the face of his tormentors. Wouldn't you? Hatred does that to a person, doesn't it?

The neighbor who reported the attack urged the mistress to leash Black before anything bad happens. The mistress' grandmother even told her to send Black away, far far away, if she loved him, before things get out of hands. It was like a premonition. When push comes to shove, something someone somewhat somehow will fall far far down irrevocably.

Fast forward a little. Last Sunday, as usual, Black was barking and wagging his tail cheerfully even on a leash, when his Mistress came home. She has a small kid and a teen living with her, and a group of us were chatting progressively about dinner and the weather. When she shared with us the Black incident, no one really took that seriously. Patting Black's eager head and cooing at him, she turned the leash loose. Black went rushing off in bursts of life and delights seconds after being let out to God-knows-where. We laughed and went inside, totally engrossed in a series of kids vs adult drama talk.

15 minutes later Black came home jerky, writhing on the floor and foaming on the mouth, moaning pitifully. His mistress noticed immediately, stopped her chattering and rushed out. Something about her face told us she had seen something like this a few times in her life to recognize it immediately for what it was. Exploding into action, she whipped raw egg and added salt in a bowl and shoved it under Black's mouth, all the while her cries were louder and more pitiful than the dog's. It is at times like these that I wished I knew what to say or do to make things better, although in my heart I knew it was too potent and too late to react. The mistress held Black's head, rubbing aggressively, insisting he ate the concoction, all the while crying herself.

5 minutes later the violent twitching stopped. Black died in the arms of his mistress and I've never seen anything more heart-wrenching as the sight of her cuddling his head, trying to stay the warmth, irregardless of the goo on his mouth and all.

To hear tell, Black had been a victim of sudden poisoning via injection -- slung shot injection, from the looks of it. I gazed in disbelief at some length some people will go to to achieve whatever end. I never even heard of such thing! Technology? My God... these dog-killers were probably still around the area waiting for him to actually die! The knowledge that those murderers were close by  -- they had to be, a sling shot is lucky only if from a close distance, and Black did not run far away at night -- made the hairs on my arms stand on end. A person who could kill a dog with such heartless intent, could kill a human too, couldn't they?

My sister held the smaller daughter away. A kid shouldn't see something like this. Helpless, as astounding as it was, I just stood there, unable to accept the fact that this happened right before our eyes. My eyes! I never witness such heartless act in my entire life. To take a life away like it's worthless. There will be hell to pay.

Tomorrow there would be repercussions. Did he bring this upon himself? No, not unprovoked. Did those bullies had a sound reason? I'm not one to judge. But as I listened to Black's mistress recounted the whole ordeal from beginning to end in between sobs, I prayed that God would look upon her and her family with grace and mercy in times of her grief. It is one thing to own a dog, it is another to love him.

I am sorry, I am being melodramatic, but this ordeal has touched me in a way I could not quite explain. I've had pets dying before, I even helped buried a cat or two who died in our care or at birth or freak accidents. In fact we had dog pets at my home growing up, but something about animal attachment just grew weary on some us. I'm better off without pets anyway, I cannot deal with too much love, but that's another story.

I knew Black. He wasn't a violent dog. He was a good farm dog, helpful and even gentle with kids. Every time I came to visit, he would rush over and crowd me with wet tongue and waggy tail and whimpers of delight. Of course I would remember, I dislike dog wet licks on my bare legs, but I didn't push him away. How could anyone, when showered with such open demonstrative adoration?

Being Christians, we accept this with forgiving hearts, but God sees all things, and we believe God will avenge accordingly. As long as I, we, do not raise our hands to another. Even right now, I breath prayers to the souls of the men who did this.

Rest in peace, Black.


  1. I like revenge but not an eye for an eye thing but for those to feel the pain they have inflicted upon others,,,,,,,,,,

    sad,ain't it?

    take care now ya///god bless

  2. err..asuk paduhal. (emo kurang sikit hari tok)

  3. No human is supposed to harm any animal unless our own lives are threatened;)

  4. *sigh*...

    Im planning to keep dogs when I stay at my new house because I prefer a dog, than cats roaming around my yard. My neighbour has cat =(

    on a good note, hey, playing now is my ringtone (on your blog)

  5. i feel angry and sad too reading this, but at the same time we have to remember that not everyone knows the real Black, and from his photo it is very easy to misunderstood him. I am sorry to say this, especially with the episode of rampage, the policy is that if it endanger fellow human, the animal right will have to be sacrificed. I am an animal lover too. I know it seems unfair, if I were the owner I would be angry too, but to put it gently this type of dog has to be leash with exception when he is at a confine places. Remember that not everyone knows Black, or any other pet dog as well as we as the owner do...

    May Black go straight to dog's heaven...

  6. Eugene: i dont like revenge, they always backfire. :-( Thanks

    Ivynana: lol. what did u think?

    Wan Sharif: true, but then again, nothing usually happens unprovoked. :)

    Cyril: cats like to shit all over the yard, dont they? dogs are good, but in town, make sure u leash them or cage, safer. On a good note, nice song huh? :-) comforting.

    Nimi: yes ur right, a human life always take precedence to that of an animal. but i guess some people r just born worst than animals, not even using the sense that God gave them. Poor Black. May his dog-soul rest in peace. *amen*

  7. So sad to read that.. feel so pity with Black. What kind of human will do that? I hope there is a law for this. Yup..we did not know the true story but somehow, poisoning is not an answers. I'm sure peoples of law with a brain know better..what is justice for?

    I feel so sorry about Black..I still said poisoning is not a solution..

  8. pity nya... Mana tamadun manusia these days??!

  9. Alv: yes sad isnt it? poisoning, shooting, harming in any way is not the solution, if the choice is taken out of your hands. thank you for your support.

    Ida: sigh... some animals are more civilised, if u can call it that

  10. Hi Coffee girl, Holy Smoke! I sure wish I was around....
    I would love dearly to take out all those guys teeth, period!
    If here in Canada, the cops will there in minutes and today these guys will be behind bars!

    I just hate people who mistreat animals!!!
    Really sad Black lost his life and I can imagine the poor owner. Gosh! I wish I was there!

  11. Uncle Lee: they will get their comeuppance, im so sure. thank you for your kind words Uncle Lee. :-) some people just have no regards for life, i wonder what they wud do if it was another human being.

  12. Tok real story ka apa tok?

    anyway, i just love dogs except that i will not keep one if i cannot commit to take care of it well.

    The story of Black is sad. Dogs are innocent well-beings. They have feelings too. But if we talk about remmbrance and vengeance, nothing can beat elephants. Elephants remember well and their feelings are more sensitive than other animals.

    Rest in peace Black.

  13. Willie: of course its a real story...:-( and yes it is sad, couldnt be helped. thank you.

  14. I'm not into pet but.... sad to read all that..


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