Friday, October 21, 2011

Bleed 3: True Blood

*Warning: There will be blood.*

Yeay! I did it! Twice this year already, and third time in my life. The first time I already recounted to you here and here. That is, if you bother to read the beginning of my heroic stint. ;-)

Well let me tell you something uplifting that my bleeding partner, Clive, told me a minute after I did it: Blood donors are special people because not everyone can donate blood. And the fact that you can, shows that you are a healthy person, otherwise the doctor won't give you the green light. That's priviledged indeed. Tell that to yourself every time you visit the Blood Bank.

Yes that after-thought certainly helped. I always thought I was doing a good cause, well I am, but now I realised it suddenly means more. Very heroic indeed.

Anyway.... today Clive and I did it again. Really, I don't have that many bleeding partners who could go with me as and when it's convenient. In fact, I was due to donate again last July but was pre-occupied. So today when I told my super-sporting boss that I was planning to donate blood, he gave me the go-ahead wave and said 'Good for you.'

Here's an encounter: When we walked in the room, two late-30s guys greeted us, all friendly and helpful. When I handed over my record book, they checked in the database, and looked and me and immediately launched his next conversation in full Bidayuh. Small world. One turns out to be my next-kampung neighbor and the one turns out to be someone my dad taught in primary school. See? I told you they were friendly. And when the other one looked at my report card and mentioned my age, he disbelieving said *insert vain smiley here* "33? You look younger! Are you sure? Married?" To which I smiled and said "Thank you. I know". *Insert many vain smileys here* To which the other replied after snorting at his friend "Says here in the form she's single lah. Why single? Can't find a man? Can't believe you have problems." To which I snorted and said, and here's the Bidayuh version "Duh siroh dayak, da dayak siroh aku." [which means Not looking for a man, let the man look for me]. To which the first guy replied back, "Da Dayak siroh kah? duh sebarang dari." [oh that actually literally means waiting for a Dayak to look for me, not just any man]. Haha, very witty of him. I swear Clive did not know a single word the guys were talking about. Minority talk. By the way, I am a Bidayuh, some exotic superhero huh?

Oh but I digress!

So anyway, after that little talk, which I always find to be an effective icebreaker, the guy took my blood sample. And asked for my card, so that they can contact me to assist in future Blood Donation Drive in my office space. Already networking people! I am on a drive to promote this good deed to the rest of my office mates and the rest of the 100 plus tenants in my office building alone.

Good thing this time I remember when my last menses was, and after the doctor who checked my blood pressure gave the greenlight for me to enter the bleeding room, I felt exceedingly great.

Oh and I hit a personal record of 8 minutes! Proud to be. Wow, that shows the quality of my blood. *come suck me vamp and live for another 10 years!*. If you read my first encounter, you would understand that a quality blood is important as many people who needs blood transfusion sometimes need a certain component of your blood only. But darn it, Clive did it in 7! I still lose. My next personal challenge is to finish before he does, all 450pint in less than 7. At least!

This is the good kind of high. The prick that gives you a huge level of satisfaction. Pun intended.
Next date is 3 months from now. Anyone?

By the way, if I haven't told you already, I am O+. Not many people have that type of blood - the generous donor but the stingy recipient. So if you are one, make your way to the blood bank, they are currently in really low supply.

So then, I leave you now with pictures while I recuperate at Starbucks having my Latte in Caramel Syrup. Remember folks, blood donation saves lives.

The med expert who administered me...

 Busy with my BB...

 Clive napping ... sempat!
 Covering the aftermath with protein...
 Hey donors get 'Priviledge Time Off' ... that's what it says...
A keychain and a car sticker for my effort ...
And recuperating with some really hot latte!


  1. Make sure you become a regular too! once every 3 month and high five for being in the O club! haha

    Please do encourage more of your friends to donate blood =)

  2. remind me to my first time donating blog last year 2010. high 5! cuz i'm an O+ too theehe. it was a great experience, but i haven't blog about it yet. menyesal tak terus update while it still fresh hehe.. tp sy paling ingat time tu, donater yg lagi lewat sikti dr sy siap dulu berbanding sy. lepas donate, my own darah pula lmbt naik, bila bangun rasa mcm nak pitam n pening2, so the staff insist sy baring dulu. siap dbelikan mknan n soya. about 30 minutes rasanya baru ok. fulamak malunya.. dunno why la, sbb doc lepaskan pula sy donate kan. bukan smua orang blh derma kan. mybe because it was my first time? maybe?? haha (- -")

  3. I'm O+, but I'm negative for donating blood. Needles scare me, yes unfortunately.

  4. typing error. donating blog what the..? supposed donating blood ya. hehe :P

  5. I donated once, but the second time I try to donate, I got low blood pressure (too nervous kali)..hehe
    Donating with hot latte beside? So marvelous :)

  6. BRAVO!!!samalah kita beb....O+ juak. some other time my fren....we go together...

    at the moment, the past few weeks, rasa macam gunung berapi nak meletup kepala ku ini..:)

  7. Wa...i missed donating blood. When i was healthy of course.

    You're 33? now i know. Hehe.Very rare to meet ppl with o blood. Mine is B.

  8. Daniel: *hi-fi!* great, u're a veteran donor! at least in my book u r. Wohoo!!

    Fina Sophie: Oh ye ke? takpa, sekali dah donate cukuplah, nanti esok lusa boleh try lagi, tunggu doc bagi green light kat u. Itulah kan, tak semua boleh donate.

    Cyril: i thought ur not scared of anything? least of all needles? lol. it's ok. but wohoo hello mate!

    Frouline Aging: the latte is the reward! :-)

    Tia: thanks. banyak jugak O+. tau sapa dicari kelak. sikhal mun gunung berapi stay umah jak dolok.

    Willie: haha yes, tot u missed that. i ter-type in there, but biar jak, proud of it. O+ people are generally generous. :-)

  9. Good for you. The mere sight of blood - I would turn pale and faint! Anyway, my blood pressure is on the borderline-ly high side...

  10. suituapui: really? whats with all the seafood you keep tempting us with, of coz u shd take it easy. :-)

  11. kmk pn pnh derma darah...jarumnya...hoooooooo....tersembor balit mun minum kopi..

    follow sitok

  12. Yumida: jarumnya cool aih. haha besar jak. thanks lawat.


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