Friday, September 2, 2011

What's One Malaysia to you?

When you say 1Malaysia, what exactly does it mean?

Does it mean we can be many races and one race to rule us all?
Does it mean we can be many religion and one religion to dominate us all?
Does it mean we can be many culture and one culture to guide us all?
Does it mean we can be many heads but one head to lead us all?
Does it mean we can visit freely during festive open houses?
Does it mean we can go to the same school and have the same educational rights?
Does it mean we can sit down with strangers on the same train home for the holidays?
Does it mean we can eat different things at the same table in the same shop?
Does it mean we can have various sections in the market for various group of people?
Does it mean we can wear anything we want without getting any censorious look?
Does it mean we can recite our prayers too at functions in the majority?
Does it mean we can sit down to dinner and not have to fear of a possible raid?
Does it mean we can marry for love, and maintain our different backgrounds?
Does it mean we can regard everyone as our brothers and sisters?
Does it mean we fight for the same freedom of land and faith?
Does it mean we can hold in awe and reverence the same King and Queen?
Does it mean we can stand under the same flag and sing the same anthem with pride?

Does it mean you and I are in fact, family?

Think about it for a minute. To what end will the concept make us, or break us?

If it is unity we seek, it is unity we should practice. But are we going about this the wrong way, interpreting things the way we want to instead of the way it should be? ONE does not mean one man's rule and dominion. ONE means working out our differences and tolerate each other like you would a family, because we are the only nation we've got.

It does not take a superhuman to love your country. Just say it like you mean it.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia.


  1. I have thought of this motto banyak kali. It has good rationale but being practiced by double standard fellas is pariah!
    Happy Merdeka to You!!!

  2. Biarlah mereka n keluarga mereka yg pikir :) *mode malas berfikir hari tok*

  3. Old people say - the tongue and the teeth are so close, sometimes the tongue gets bitten too. But come to think of it, the tongue never bites the teeth. Nothing is fair in this world...but the onus is on us to try and make the best of it.

    Harping on the same old issues that haunt us is not going to help anyone in any way. Like a repeating groove in an old broken down record, it is not just boring but gets so irritating. I don't understand why people want to bring it up all the time like a dog barking at the moon. At the end of the day, nothing has changed...and it just leaves an unpleasant sour taste in the mouth.

    The bottom line is we have to be considerate and tolerant of one another. Old people say that in order to clap, two hands will be it's not up to me or you, it is up to us.

  4. Hi Coffeegirl, very interesting.
    But I guess most times it's politicians wanting to gain milage......get re-elected.
    And one of the most effective ways is using slogans, with sprinkling of racism as toppings.

    Today is so different to my yesterdays.....and I was there at the stadium when Tunku Abdul Rahman cried out 7 times, "MERDEKA"!
    I saw the British Union Jack being lowered, same time as Malay's new flag rising, and hearing for the first time, 'Negara ku'.....

    Have a nice holiday.

  5. teringat chorus lagu Bob Marley..1 love 1 heart, lets get together and we'll be allright..

  6. Here in My Home...

    My home is 1Malaysia, or is it Malaysia.. errr, I forgot..

    Okaylah.. my home is Sarawak =)

  7. Twilightman: yes, double standards wont win any battle. Happy Merdeka Day to you too!

    Ivynana: Selamat cuti and selamat weekend to you dayung. :))

    Suituapui: why is it then, that we never learned, do you think? leaders come and leaders go, and everyone changes the motto to fit their own agenda, but what have we really achieved so far? sad that the same old issues are the ones we can never really resolved. Whatever it is, let's just be grateful for the blessings.

    Uncle Lee: yes exactly my meaning. everything comes down to politics. who actually really root for the people? anyway, it mustve been the event of the century being in that place at that time in the stadium, something you can be proud of as being a part of, something u can tell your great grand children to. Happy weekend Uncle. :)

    Korawk: yes that is a most fitting song. Cheers!

    Cyril: my home is Sarawak too. Great place to be, dont u think? Happy weekend!

  8. Baca post kau tok, alu teringat discussion dgn kawan seopis pagi tadik. Aku terdiam sejenak masa nangga berita last Wednesday. About Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia. Why 1Malaysia become brand now? Why 1Malaysia dibranding kan udah. we have so many barang 1Malaysia. Pencil 1Malaysia, brg2 dapur 1Malaysia, kain 1Malaysia, etc... is it a BRAND? 1Malaysia? I am confused, apakah sebenarnya 1Malaysia. Till today, i don't know what is 1Malaysia Concept. Am i ignorance to our leader ka atau aku ni yg lembap, sik paham2.

    About kedai 1Malaysia, is it really akan membantu meringankan beban rakyat atau memenuhkan poket "supplier" barang ke kedai 1Malaysia?

    Sik perlu 1Malaysia pun org Borneo sik penah sik respek each other. We living harmony here, go to the same school, eat the same food, walk the same road, respect each other differences.... jadi? 1Malaysia untuk org Malaya nok selalu sensitif dgn isu politik dan isu agama?... Just think about it...

  9. Aku pun blur2 balik dari overseas...semua 1Malaysia ku nangga...tapi kenak ah situasi2 pelik yg melibatkan agama & kaum sik abis2 kenak resolve....Mainan politik!!!

  10. Rose: about the shop, it's getting hyped up, something like all ado about nothing. would u wear a 1Malaysia underwear (they do have that too u know)? it's a concept, an idea, a brand, and all in one thing. thats why its confusing. and ur right about the last part. so right.

    GD: betul. people just keep changing the name. Kelak leader baru mba idea nya pun juak. if it's practical, it's fine. but they shd start a group to study the impact of the whole concept and if it's even widely understood or practised.


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