Monday, September 5, 2011

Online shopping ...

I'm not proud of it but it's convenience, so why not? All I do is click here click here, manage transaction, ensure I have enough fund, verify, confirm and voila! Right there on my doorstep or office front desk the next few days! I don't even have to go anywhere. Total fun right? I can even redeem my points, pay my bills, loans etc. So if I hear a colleague or even my boss says that he will take half a day at the bank to pay bills or loans, be very suspicious. They're probably lying. Oh come on, I know you have used that excuse before too, who didn't? But now that technology has caught up, that is fast becoming the lamest excuse anyone can come up with.

Who does that anymore? Ha ha. Overdue bills are not a problem anymore, you know. Where have you been?

In fact, thanks to technology, Banks should only be visited by people who need to cash checks, withdraw more than RM5K cash, sign agreements etc, or for those who have no access to Internet.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...

The courier guy has just delivered my parcel from That's 4 books from Elizabeth Hoyt. Looking forward to the weekend. *YEAY*

Not bad for a Monday, eh.


  1. You know what? I have never tried it,online shopping but I really wanted to buy a pair of sport sunglasses online but too scared that it could be a fake

  2. Wah.. best....!! Tapi aku sik penah berani cuba juak.. uhuks.... should try once lah.. :-)

  3. aku dah masuk tahun ke-4 dah x berbaris kat bank time payday dan bayar bil astro dan sesco(kecuali bil air JKR, belum ada sistem on9, ketinggalan djaman) ..thanx to dan cimbclicks..tentang shopping on9 plak memang ada pro&con nya sendirik.sesuai untuk barangan nok x mahal..cth range dari RM50-RM200,mun tertipu pun xla nyumpah gilak, untuk lebih jaminan keselamatan, belilah daripada verified seller dan gunakan servis Safetrade, boleh tidur dengan lena sementara nunggu barang order datang.

  4. haha i pn suke on9 shopping. easy. just a few click..tadaaa.. posmen smp antar barang. :P

  5. Maybe I'm old but I've this phobia of doing anything online that involves money unless I can't help booking air tickets.

  6. Aku slalu beronline beli barang di USA...Malaysia, belum pernah cuba melainkan dari companies yg boleh dipercayai...

  7. Mmg mudah dan cepat, and harga buku pun byk yg cheaper compare dgn harga di kedai kat Kuching ni kan..kan.. :)

  8. wahhhhhhhhh... if i had more time to spare, i will read. But i bet you can't wait to start, hee hee :)

  9. Heyloww ehek.lamak kamek xblogging hoh bah lately tok.anyway, u can poke me in twitter (twitter nick: audioserv ) ehek XD

  10. Eugene: i think for designer sport sunglasses, itd be better and more satisfying if u visit the local dealer directly. ur right, might be fake. :-) same as clothes, might not fit, or shoes.

    Rose: haha u should, but be careful on the websites.

    Korawk: aku dah masuk 6-7 tahun sikda gi bank. semua ku online. :-) best kan? tapi memang ada pro/connya juak. thats why we need to be careful and be mindful of the sites. there are as many spam sites as there are genuine sites.

    suituapui: there are some people like that, ur not alone. i have my anxiety too but that depends. soon we will even pay for all this convenience, why not enjoy it while it lasts, with caution of course.

    GD: Malaysia pun sites pun ok bah, maybe less choice, but we;re quickly catching up. Good job.

    Ivynana: ya betul. Acmamall dah la murah giler dr MPH or Borders or Kinokuniya or Popular, free shipping gik ya. and they are very updated.

    Ida: starting on the 1st book... and ignoring my online movies and some friends. haha

    FnF: hai! lamak juak kitak hiatus! molah baby ka apa? haha. ok lak mek carik kat tweet ya...

  11. Shopping online is cheaper and convenient. But, there's also disadvantage...


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