Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello transit point ...

[My apology for being sorely remiss, emo, and heavily melodramatic on the posts. Thanks Cyril for the reminder. Perasan juak aku kejap tek ... :-)]


Hello! Back from Kota Bersejarah, and will probably share the pictures in a later post. The training was okay, I was kind of misinformed, but all in all, at least I gained something like a chance to get away, a chance to visit Melaka, and a chance to make new friends, no matter that there are more guys than girls during the course.

Hey hey ... Today is Malaysia Day!! Oh I wont be talking about the makings of Malaysia here, that's so boring, and you may Google it yourself. Pointing out right here that it's a public holiday and i'm smack in the middle of the action! Yeay!

Got a good rate at a hotel right next to Lot 10, and then hey, they upgraded my room and the stay improved a notch! I am so coming back here.

... although that humongous bolster is kind of distracting ...

My room has a splendid view of the metrocity. Sunset, sunrise, dusk, dawn... I keep the curtains opened so the view and I won't miss a single action. ;-)

Just managed to catch the Malaysia Day Parade on TV since it's probably packed up in the location. My Chairman y'all led the Communication Contingent ... Good for you boss! You woke up earlier than me!

... that's my Tan Sri in the red cap ...

By the corner of the area, there's this Iranian cafe where some of the good looking Arabs were chatting away and eating some really yummy looking food. Those looked fattening, but what's not to love in KL when it comes to food? I had a very fulfilling roti nan cheese with mutton and chicken dishes ...

... although in Kuching they serve it in a package, not like a self-service pick-and-choose as they did here. Kinda left me confused for a while there.

... And! I bought two books. Wajib ya.

Ciao... going to pack up more calories now, breakfast. What other unique stuff I havent eaten so far? Korean? Pakistan? French?

Happy Malaysia Day!
(Note: Pictures of Blackberry quality only)


  1. lamak sik makan roti naan!! got to pack up some calories juak lok di pasar Bintulu haha

  2. beautiful room. Happy Malaysia Day

  3. Hey, 1st paragraph...emo... I langsung x rasa ur blog mcm tu, for me, you have a beautiful way of expressing urself, and yg penting you x salah org lain when things not going ur way... Cheers

  4. Korawk: carb diet sik lamak bulat lah kau. hahaha. Bintulu ada ka roti naan?

    Rose: Happy Malaysia Day to you too!

    Ivynana: ya kah? or maybe it's me then. thanks dayung for the support. greatly appreciated. Happy Malaysia day!

  5. Dins--terus ku lawat post si Cyril. Tang ngam juak certain point ngan aku... Makan cili rasa pedas ho.. :-P

    Nice trip u have owh.. Ntah bila ku dapat lawat Kota Bersejarah ya... mmm...

  6. Oh? Coronade eh? Too expensive for me - I will usually look for something a bit cheaper but in the vicinity. Ya...I've always wanted to try those mid-eastern eateries - so many of them in the neighbourhood but I never got down to doing that. Hope to do that someday...

  7. hmm... that's all on our mind us women, makan baca makan makan baca ;)

  8. Aihh..kacak juak interior hotel ya. alu horny mek nangga ehek.

  9. Dins--Giving away I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD ngan kau... he he he... read my post about it at this link.


  10. Rose Ragai: murah gi ujung tahun, tiket belon banyak. hehe... and thanks for award! xoxoxo. ur the best! dah ku baca tek, kaktok mengepostnya. ;))

    suituapui: if im on my own trip, i wont choose the hotel either, but it's so convenient, and if i have a bit more $$$$ why not. U shd try at least one mediteranean outlets there, some costs a bomb! and the blog about it...

    Ida: aok eh, mkn jak keja. haha

    FnF: hahahahaha nang ada. lalu lain kejanya ko


  11. kmk layap ngan gamba kat cover novel ya haha..

  12. Hani: hehehe time exam bagus maca ya, mesti clear otak. haha

    Uncle Seven: hahaha dont be fooled by the covers.


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