Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bridesmaid vs the Wedding Planner ...

8.40pm today...

Me: But I want to be the Bridesmaid! *wailed*

Her: Cannot, you're too resourceful. You are my wedding planner. *oh she reasons*

Me: But I've never done wedding... and that's hard work!

Her: You offered last time, remember?

Me: Yes back when it all seemed unlikely that you would ever get, you know, married!

Her: Well I am going to! *suddenly glows annoyingly*

Me: But I want to be the Bridesmaid before it's too late even for me! *wailed louder*

Her: Too late for what? You're the one who keeps delaying. There's hope what ...

Me:  Hoi! I'm talking about being a Bridesmaid, wear the lovely dresses, look pretty, hold your train, your bouquet, wipe your smudges, whatever ... not crack my brain making sure everything runs smoothly when you can have somebody else do it. I want the fun part, not the hard work... *pleads unsuccessfully*

Her: But you're my sister, who else can I trust? *doing that puppy-dog eyes. damn.*

Me: Fine fine. Ok lah. Sigh ... You owe me for this. *resigns*

Her: And you can sing at my wedding too... He he.

16-year-old Niece: I am going to be a veeerrryyy pretty Bridesmaid. I plan to follow in the wake of the 21 Dresses. *boasts. brat.*

Me: Shaddap! Or I make sure you wear purple, like Barney. I'm the Planner! I'm JLo ... *pokes eyes*



Saturday, September 24, 2011

I lost it... oh dang ...

Amidst the financial crisis (err, mine) and sorely eeking out me-time between here and everywhere else, I have severely neglected my regular writing in here. There goes a promise. If only I can get paid for every post I write (no I dont mean thru ads, that's too slow), won't that help to solve a lot of things? Alas.

But. I try. Here's me. Trying.

Err, what to write? I swear I had this tiny idea last night about cooking and eating and sleeping solo, but somehow, now they just went poof! Vanished into thin air. Trying.
Still nothing. Nothing. Oh man I envy you all. You all seem so much better and frequent writers than me!
I shall hang my head in shame and retreat to my dungeon until an inspirational rock rolls over me, or at least until I can come up with something more intelligent than this.
Somebody needs a loooooooong overseas holiday.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello transit point ...

[My apology for being sorely remiss, emo, and heavily melodramatic on the posts. Thanks Cyril for the reminder. Perasan juak aku kejap tek ... :-)]


Hello! Back from Kota Bersejarah, and will probably share the pictures in a later post. The training was okay, I was kind of misinformed, but all in all, at least I gained something like a chance to get away, a chance to visit Melaka, and a chance to make new friends, no matter that there are more guys than girls during the course.

Hey hey ... Today is Malaysia Day!! Oh I wont be talking about the makings of Malaysia here, that's so boring, and you may Google it yourself. Pointing out right here that it's a public holiday and i'm smack in the middle of the action! Yeay!

Got a good rate at a hotel right next to Lot 10, and then hey, they upgraded my room and the stay improved a notch! I am so coming back here.

... although that humongous bolster is kind of distracting ...

My room has a splendid view of the metrocity. Sunset, sunrise, dusk, dawn... I keep the curtains opened so the view and I won't miss a single action. ;-)

Just managed to catch the Malaysia Day Parade on TV since it's probably packed up in the location. My Chairman y'all led the Communication Contingent ... Good for you boss! You woke up earlier than me!

... that's my Tan Sri in the red cap ...

By the corner of the area, there's this Iranian cafe where some of the good looking Arabs were chatting away and eating some really yummy looking food. Those looked fattening, but what's not to love in KL when it comes to food? I had a very fulfilling roti nan cheese with mutton and chicken dishes ...

... although in Kuching they serve it in a package, not like a self-service pick-and-choose as they did here. Kinda left me confused for a while there.

... And! I bought two books. Wajib ya.

Ciao... going to pack up more calories now, breakfast. What other unique stuff I havent eaten so far? Korean? Pakistan? French?

Happy Malaysia Day!
(Note: Pictures of Blackberry quality only)

Monday, September 12, 2011

I will be away in ...


... for 4 days berkursus dan membosankan diri dengar ceramah. Harap-harap banyak outdoor activity macam redah hutan ke, terjun kolam ke, makan durian ke. Hope to have time for sightseeing too, never been here.

And perhaps after that, prowl the metrocity shopping for novels. Yeay!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shut up and listen ...

Listen and Silent are synonymous. Jumble up the words and you get the same back. And I wonder why it is such a hard thing for some people to do.

When someone tells you their problem, you listen. You listen and you keep silent. You let the other person talk and unload, and you give all your ears. You don't add in your own story to tell. That's call sharing. You don't give advice when it's not asked for. That's call counseling. You don't tell that person to take it easy. In the first place it's not. Don't switch to a big sister or a superior person role or I've-been-there-done-that-gone-thru-hell mode. If you need to switch into anything, just switch into this person who says, "I'm here, it's alright. Let it all out."

There is a world of difference in how you may help a person in distress. Sometimes listening helps a lot more than you know. Sometimes a problem doesn't need your solving it. Sometimes giving our fullest attention is the most precious gift we can offer anyone.

A proper venting deserves a proper outlet. Better you than me destructing stuff. Maybe that's why it's better to talk to strangers who know next to nothing about you because they can't do much except lend a sympathetic ear. Maybe too that's why people pay a lot of money to have psychiatrists listen to their problem.

Here's the thing: I spent my entire life playing the listener. As a matter of fact, a few minutes ago I was trying to bemoan a distressing issue and to unload my ache to a friend, but I ended up listening to her recounting her experience on the matter. For every sentence I uttered, she gave a sentence back recalling, relating. At one point, she spoke more than me and at which point I gave up, a little annoyed and disappointed. Isn't it my turn to talk, I asked myself silently, repeatedly?

Well I am far from perfect or even good. In fact, listening is exhausting business. Sometimes, I wish I could say something wise or intelligent, but it would only work if it were needed. Sometimes I was tempted to give my two cents worth of advice, but I wondered if I'm even the authority on the subject matter. Oh I tried those before and it had unsatisfying results. In which case, I have learned to simply pay attention and besides, it's rude to interrupt.

And I thought, at a moment like this, who can I really talk to, not talk with? Come to think of it, I rarely found someone who would actually be that person I am to other people. They are so few and far between and I lost most of them along the way to geography, marriage, irrelevance, or simply bad truce. The only person I am sure will listen to me unwaveringly at this point would be my mother, in fact contrary to popular belief, a parent is the best listener a person could ever have, but there are just some things one doesn't talk about with one's mother, or father.

If ever you want to be a real helpful friend, just shush and listen, will you? Even an enemy listens more if only to find your missteps.

You see why a blog is such a blessing in disguise. You read and listened, didn't you?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Online shopping ...

I'm not proud of it but it's convenience, so why not? All I do is click here click here, manage transaction, ensure I have enough fund, verify, confirm and voila! Right there on my doorstep or office front desk the next few days! I don't even have to go anywhere. Total fun right? I can even redeem my points, pay my bills, loans etc. So if I hear a colleague or even my boss says that he will take half a day at the bank to pay bills or loans, be very suspicious. They're probably lying. Oh come on, I know you have used that excuse before too, who didn't? But now that technology has caught up, that is fast becoming the lamest excuse anyone can come up with.

Who does that anymore? Ha ha. Overdue bills are not a problem anymore, you know. Where have you been?

In fact, thanks to technology, Banks should only be visited by people who need to cash checks, withdraw more than RM5K cash, sign agreements etc, or for those who have no access to Internet.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...

The courier guy has just delivered my parcel from That's 4 books from Elizabeth Hoyt. Looking forward to the weekend. *YEAY*

Not bad for a Monday, eh.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Along The Way ...

P/S: Give it a minute to fully load, enable your audio, turn up the volume, listen to the ache, give Country a chance. My words againts the world.

Scarecrows and devils are the only thing out this late
And what that says about me, it’s probably true
'Cause I’ve been carrying all these words around
For too long and now it’s time to lay them down
I’m here for forgiveness and I need it from you

The road was long and it took so much time
But I learned a lot from my mistakes
I made some wrong turns that I’m not proud of
They made me who I am today
I just got a little lost along the way

I won’t blame you if you turn around and slam the door
I understand if you don’t want to hear me again
I’m not here to fight, I came to you tonight
To say I’m sorry and to try to make it right
I’m only finding my way back from where I’ve been,
Don’t know where I’ve been

The road was long and it took so much time
But I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes
I made some wrong turns that I’m not proud of
They made me who I am today
I just got a little lost along the way

The road was long and took so much time
But I learned a lot from my mistakes
I made some wrong turns that I’m not proud of
Made me who I am today
I just got a little lost
Just been a little lost
I just got a little lost along the way

Scarecrows and devils are the only thing out this late
What that says about me, it’s probably true.

- Gary Allan

Friday, September 2, 2011

What's One Malaysia to you?

When you say 1Malaysia, what exactly does it mean?

Does it mean we can be many races and one race to rule us all?
Does it mean we can be many religion and one religion to dominate us all?
Does it mean we can be many culture and one culture to guide us all?
Does it mean we can be many heads but one head to lead us all?
Does it mean we can visit freely during festive open houses?
Does it mean we can go to the same school and have the same educational rights?
Does it mean we can sit down with strangers on the same train home for the holidays?
Does it mean we can eat different things at the same table in the same shop?
Does it mean we can have various sections in the market for various group of people?
Does it mean we can wear anything we want without getting any censorious look?
Does it mean we can recite our prayers too at functions in the majority?
Does it mean we can sit down to dinner and not have to fear of a possible raid?
Does it mean we can marry for love, and maintain our different backgrounds?
Does it mean we can regard everyone as our brothers and sisters?
Does it mean we fight for the same freedom of land and faith?
Does it mean we can hold in awe and reverence the same King and Queen?
Does it mean we can stand under the same flag and sing the same anthem with pride?

Does it mean you and I are in fact, family?

Think about it for a minute. To what end will the concept make us, or break us?

If it is unity we seek, it is unity we should practice. But are we going about this the wrong way, interpreting things the way we want to instead of the way it should be? ONE does not mean one man's rule and dominion. ONE means working out our differences and tolerate each other like you would a family, because we are the only nation we've got.

It does not take a superhuman to love your country. Just say it like you mean it.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia.