Sunday, August 21, 2011

Watch and listen, you just might miss it ...

See. You can get lonely in a room full of people. Just like you can die of thirst standing knee-deep in the water. Or get hit crossing the road on a pedestrian walk. Or fall in love with your worst enemy.

Who's to know when it will hit you, or who will ever understand the workings of the world? Sometimes your prayers get answered, sometimes it doesn't, but who are we to argue with God that we know more what's best for us than Him? 

Pretty hard facts, all those, but the irony of things is that nothing is always what it seems. Every face has a story. Good, bad, happy, sad, amusing, tragic, strange, miraculous, complicated, sometimes something no one can quite explain. Won't you want people to look at you and wonder about the mystery of you? Where you have been, what you have gone through, who you met a few seconds ago that probably changed your life, things you saw along your journey that made the person you are, a thousand things in your mind you wish you had the courage to say and do but didn't, regrets you wish you could wipe away, memories you prayed you could forget or cherish forever?

When you sit in the interview room waiting for your turn, do you look around and assess everyone down, sizing them up, wondering what brought them there or how you could ever compete? When you walk along the busy pavement and see a wretched couple begging, do you wonder about their history or if they were victims of circumstances or crime, and do you stop to drop a few coins or say a few nice words, or walk away hoping somebody else will do it? When you drive your way through the busy traffic and a car cut in front of you without warning, do you curse at him and honk angrily, or pray he'd reach safely wherever he was rushing to because he probably has good reasons, like an emergency? When your close friends don't call and keep silent for days on end, do you feel neglected and let down, or wonder if they are alright and do you make the call first? When a child tug at your hand while you're occupied, do you tell him to be quiet or do you stoop down and ask what he wants to say? If you saw a woman crying in a crowded place, do you chide her to behave and that she should stop embarassing herself, or do you comfort her and tell her it's alright that you are there to listen?

Or do you walk away from it all because it has nothing to do with you?

See. Some things happened to each of us somehow some ways that shaped who we are, every tingling moment. We had better be careful not to discount each one and dismiss it like it means nothing. When we take the time to get past the facade, we just might surprise ourselves.

What would it take to draw the story out in the open, do you think?

Note: Life does not end just because you have a broken heart. If you want your story heard and understood, listen to others'.


  1. Reach out and touch somebody's hand - make this world a better place, if we can...but remember, what goes around, come's around...and whatever you do unto the least of your brothers, you do unto Him.

  2. There is a phrase "maybe what you like is not good for you and maybe what you don't like is good for you"
    There are too much things to be comprehended in your post this tme around... it would take days for me to comment on all your thoughts..
    Suffice for me to wish you all the best in your undertaking and have a nice day :)))..

  3. I maybe weird but I like entries like this.. It does make me think and ponder and re-evaluate things...

    Lovely stuff there Coffee Girl... Brilliant is imply an understatement. Your blog just became made it into my MUST VISIT blogs on a daily basis... (even if you do not update).

    So please, don't u dare press that 'delete' button.

  4. suituapui: we pray that we have the strength to do unto others what we want them to do to us. reach out a hand ... strange how many don't

    Wan Shariff: :-) sometimes i worry i babble too much, but then once i start i cant stop and it just keep on coming. im sure you'll grasp the meaning sooner or later, if at all. :))

    Ivynana: at one point, we all have to. indulge, it might be good for you

    Cyril: Thank you, you really warmed my heart. And no you are not weird, if u r then i'm probably weirder. thank you for the support, we try to be better. *didnt delete any, just save the unsavoury ones into drafts*

  5. I am still involved with Hospice Malaysia and we accompany the terminally ill patients. A lot of patience, understanding, contact and emotions involved.
    Cheer up lady, I have seen worst scenarios and you should be happy today!

  6. Twilight Man: i think I should be, yes, so much to be grateful for that whining wont do anybody any good. No? thanks for dropping by. ":-)


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