Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Romantic fools will go far ...

Here's another indulgence you might not understand.

So what if I'm romantic? It makes my world go round. So what if I spend my money on books with covers my dad would scowl at? Good investment, each one. Hey?

There are reasons why I read my novels. One purely being that I love the wits laced with sarcasm some might mistake them for sugar. Two being that I pick up words I don't normally see played down so brilliantly in other genres it gives me enough ideas to form my own. Three because I so adore intelligence in a woman, and a romance novel is 90% written by one and most assuredly 99% starred in one. Closely related to that, four being that men featured in them are usually ones with many contradicting features it helps to understand some of their weaknesses, to my endless advantage. And five... simply because I am an utterly hopeless romantic and forever have the need to romanticize everything, even an entry post like this, because what else can I do about it except glorify in it?

Yes you caught me at it a few times already. Did I use that clever line on you? No I came up with it on my own a few more hundred times. Improvised, you know. Plagiarism is bad business, don't copy, imitate in your own way. You will get the hang of it.

How else did you think I get so well argued with my interviewers, mostly men who liked to think they're intelligent, that I managed to change jobs from good to better a few times in my life? There. How else did you think I managed to scare men away? Not always good that, not always bad either, but humor me.

Oh you can have your stuff ... crime, thriller, horror, science, futuristic, journals, biography, autobiography, travel guide, poetry, political... I have nothing against them, in fact I do alternate on rare occasions. Except they don't stir my soul quite as well as my romance collection. I don't read them for the intimacy and birds-bees stuff, although there is that too. And I pick my authors, like you'd pick your lingerie brand. Before you smirk and dismiss me as some sex-crazed moonstruck kookie -- Dude, to each his own.

Hmm. I think I'm going to start on that book project now. *Flipped another sexy cover from the shelf. Ah.*

Source: Crisismagazine.com

Noteworthy: We the romance readers don't read dime novels for teenagers, we read the thick and complicated ones that help us learn our grammars, build our vocabs along the way, feed points into our arguments, sharpen our wits, improve our charms, and aid us in our everyday dealings with the men in our lives.


  1. I love reading too. Now I am catching up my reading again, mostly thriller, and romance.

  2. I love the smell of new books...and new currency notes too. LOL!!!

  3. wah seronok nya...byk nya buku...my books mostly sudah kena jual, kena cari modal untuk beli yg baru pok :D

  4. another brilliant entry. Part of me wishes you'd update more...(then i dont hav to buy those books ahahha). but then again, if u do that (update everyday), i may not be able to catch up.. lol...

  5. I understand what you just said. Once I managed a trendy bookshop in KL and I was reading new novels & magazines almost everyday! I miss those days and hope to re-open my own someday.

    I love the music in your post!

  6. kmk suka juak membaca! terapo paling best bg mek bila stress.p mek baca novel cintan jak.haha

  7. nice post but at some part, ku sik paham. ketara la kurang membaca & sik terer memahami ayat2 yg lebih complicated ku mok paham. mmm... need to do more readings...

  8. Hi Coffee Girl, love is what makes the world go round, and what would life be without moonlight nights and roses?
    You just be yourself, have fun.
    Our life to day is not a dress rehearsal.
    We only get to play one round.

    So live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.
    Have a nice day. And keep a song in your heart.

  9. I like romance novels. like the figurative language used tremendously. The first novel I bought was Barbara Taylor Bradford's 'Hold The Dream'.As a child I always read Mills and Boon novels. My mother liked to read them.

  10. Rose: good for u! a very rewarding pastime, i might add.

    suituapui: i know what u mean! can get high on those smell of every sheet of paper as u flip them open real quick. lol

    Ivynana: mine too, jual, beli, jual, beli. sometimes nyesal after jual tapi bila mikir, why not share? i collect only the ones i really treasure

    Cyril: huge thanks! seriously ur part of the motivator. :)) fortunately for some i dont have enough ammo to update everyday so u r in no danger of not being able to catch up. will surprise u one day.

    Twilight: oh i wish i OWN a bookstore! sigh... someday. Thanks, the music is sooo mushy isnt it?

    Hani apandi: hehehe novel cintan pun buku juak. tapi mek madah lah mun kitak mok improve BI kitak la katakan... pick up those english novels once in a while. good luck!

  11. True Confessor: thanks, and dont worry if u dont understand, well... some people r bound to. :-) ur in good company.

    Uncle Lee: life wud be dull and slow without moonlight night and roses, and sweet talks and beaches and caves and waves. thanks, i know how much romance u had/have in ur life, and ur brilliant! whats your secret?

    sintaicharles: i read my sister's Mills and Boons growing up too, but i quickly graduated to thicker books because the M&B sounded more and more like soap opera! haha. but i totally agree with u on the figurative language part.

  12. Uh! I think i need to start reading a novel now.

  13. Hi Coffee Girl, my secret?
    Treat every girl or lady as a Queen....make her feel she is the only woman in the restaurant.
    And giving her a bouquet of roses.....just to make the roses jealous. *Wink*.
    Have a nice day.

  14. Willie: yes you need to start now. :-) they're better than newspapers and mags. :-)

    Uncle Lee: oh you just made me feel so grateful im a woman. but then, what do I DO to make a GUY feel the same way?


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