Friday, August 5, 2011

Late night ...

Checked fingernails. Nipped, neat, and practical. Nothing broken there. Nothing bitesey looking.

Checked the toenails. All in good order. The tiny toe on the right foot looks off-ish, but I'll walk okay.

Checked hair. No silver there yet. Running fingers through it. One or two strands came off. Tough.

Checked moles on left cheek. Looking good. Some people used that as a pick-up line before. Trust me, they'd use anything to get your attention. Lame.

Checked fridge. Stock looks enough to hold for another 3 days. Need more ribena, and probably some cherry tomato. Tomorrow.

Checked wardrobe. What to wear tomorrow? Wait... I'm on leave. I don't need to worry about what to wear.

Checked fingernails. Again. Mimicking Elle Woods "..She's got the six-carat Harry Winston on her bony, unpolished finger" on Vivian the fiance snatcher.

Checked Blackberry messages. Craps. All of them. I don't read work stuff after midnight.

So what do you do if you can't sleep? Exhausted all my books, awaiting the new arrivals in another 2 weeks if I'm lucky. Exhausted all my movies too. I could watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl season 4 again, but I don't like the detached feeling the heroin put on sometimes, you can't be all that human and normal can you? Nothing's good on TV either at this time of night. No one's up and willing to talk to me either right now.

Maybe my biological clock is acting up, giving me one hell of a wake up call. I need sleep, and yet I finished an entire entry about my unslumberous state, and still wide awake. Why is that?

Is that the effect of the half jug of black black hot brew I washed down that's been keeping me wide-eyed and actively tossing and turning and finishing a sentence each and rummaging and fidgeting and finishing another sentence in between and wiggling and kicking air and finishing a whole entry to publish?

God. Maybe the effect is stronger than expected.

Need sleep. Need sleep. Come on pillows. Cooperate!



  1. hahha...that was really a witty write. I hope you will rest your mind after writing this!

  2. Hi Coffee Girl, ha ha ha, always love your delicious sense of humour.
    One thing I know, dating a lady like you there won't be a dull moment.

    I too sometimes get the hard to sleep nights.
    So at 2am go to my computer read news....or watch TV, then yawnnn, have iced coffee, balek tidur.
    Have a good nights sleep.

  3. Now dear,, the weekend is here, cuddle up on your bed,pillow,comforter and turn on the fan full blast, and viola,, sleep well

  4. no wonder u were still on line late last nite....

  5. I used to have problem sleeping at night but those were the days! :p I dont know what the remedy but I guess that calm mind and body help in your sleep.

  6. Insomnia?

    play Angry bird with google chrome app offline... hie hie hie :D Have a nice day!!!

  7. kmk ada mslh sama ngan ktk, kmk ssh nak tido..kmk sik suka penyakit ya.huu.kmk salu jak trget nak tido awl, kul 10 bla mek dah baring kat katil, kmk x kan juak dpt tido..ahernya, kmk 0n9 @pun nanga tv~

    p/s: kmk sik terer masak! haha

  8. unsar ansir nak nya bed ya...mok projek hahahahahaha

  9. MLM: about an hour later. haha. thanks, u

    Uncle Lee: Thank you Uncle Lee, sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me all day. :-) never a dull moment? as long as you dont laugh at me, that's fine. you can laugh with me. haha. iced coffee at 2am will make me even more restless! usually it has no effect whatsoever...

    Ivynana: hehe...

    Eugene: yes indeed weekend is here! oh hoping to catch up on sleep over the weekend, if i can. thanks!

    Tia: prowling... nocturnal creatures we r, u included. haha

    Rose: i guess that's what's missing, calm mind and body. sigh...

    Venie: angry bird? hahaha i dont know how, i tried the other day, i ended laughing my ass off, for being an idiot at it. a 5 year old cud beat me easily! scrabble cud work tho...

    Hani: i pun target nak tido awal, sikpat juak. gine lah oo. mok ada org nyanyi buai laju2 juak. ahahha. kitak ya nang sik pandei masak. bah belajar gik, apa nak kawen tek.

    Uncle Seven: hahahahahhahahahaha oi mana la.

  10. Try thick warm milk with honey... Works on me everytime till I can't get up in the morning. LOL!!!

  11. mybe something was in ur mind dear? ;) haha.. that picture. ur bed? looking comfy ;)

  12. hi there ! missing to stalk ur blog. hehe. well..well... coffee drinker like you probably won't like warm milk. i used to make one for myself before bed :)

  13. Suituapui: warm milk and honey? hmmm... i might try that some sleepless nights. good idea, even tho i cant stand milk.

    Fina: probably something was, or some things were. hehe... some bed that is huh. messy sleeper!

    dadyana: thats right coffee vs milk. haha. but maybe a change of beverage might help huh.


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