Saturday, August 13, 2011

Coffee no alibi ...

Men are all the same, especially the guilty ones, and the guilty looking ones. A mere observation.

They offer to go for a coffee break with you, when you don't need one nor the company. Which tells you something about the whole scene, that it's either the coffee break, the coffee, or the company they're interested in. And they will pick a secluded cafe that people are unlikely to patronise. Or if they have a hankering for expensive coffee, they'd pick a far end corner or a spot hidden by pillars or flower pots. The slightly bold ones will pick a public place and giving the impression that they care a whit about public opinion, except that they keep looking beyond their shoulders or checking the perimeters every now and then.


And once they're spotted by a friend, a colleague, a relative, or just an acquaintance, they will go all that length to be extra friendly, going over to the person, chat about nothing, making sure the other person makes no such wrong impression about who you are or what you are to him. And mother of paranoia -- not even bothering to introduce you. Like covering a crime scene.

Hmm... quagmire... unneccessary.

Let me tell it to you straight: I like my coffee, I dont necessarily pick my company on that note. I would enjoy a cup because that is what I do when I feel like it. If you want to buy me coffee on the pretext of having the same brew interest when in fact you are interested in me -- and I'm not being coy here -- I would appreciate someone man enough to admit it head on, taken or not. So that I would know how to act around you, and deal with the situation better. I most certainly will not pretend anything else other than the intention to drink my coffee and drink it till I'm done.

If you're married, or conveniently single while your spouse is away somewhere else, or having a girlfriend somewhere in your conscience, best bets is you would look guiltier than me because your intentions are always apparent maybe not to me at the time, but to someone else. I hate having people look at me like I'm some home-wrecker, husband snatcher, relationship break-up device, or the other woman, when in your company. I hate looking like a guilty person just because you were not honest enough. I hate the looks I get. Because yes, that is exactly the wrong kind of impression they will get when you dart your eyes frantically around and across the room every now and then.

As for you, you can stop wasting your time there. Go home to whoever you belong to and dont even hold the thought, dash it right away. Mister, if I had wanted the company I would simply ask for one, from my own group status kind. No finesse needed.

But if you're not the above, then take it easy man. Don't look so guilty because you will make me look guilty as well. Drink up, and relax.

I am not playing hard to get, I am merely smarter than you. Give me a break, I can only manage one man at a time. If you can't handle the coffee, don't even contemplate it.

 Don't encriminate my coffee, or you will pay for it...


  1. But I do go out withlady-friends...colleagues or other friends - ladies who are not my wife.

    No problem...just out breakfast, lunch or dinner or a drink, platonic. No harm, enjoying the company and passing the time with a with any guy friend.

    Those who do it secretly with not very respectful intentions - those are the ones to avoid.

  2. I love the issue in this all come from the heart & the niat..if u r a crimnal n yr heart..well, u will act & look like one..i do go out with male friends tho..but i dont drnk coffee.. )

  3. Suituapui: i do too, as long as i know my intentions are simple. it's just funny some men are like that, it seems.

    Anna: :)) hey hey welcome. yes yg nampak bersalah tu kot kot benar2 guilty.

    Fresh Garden: hey! welcome. thanks. do come back.

    Ivynana: berat sikit sikit jak. :)

  4. Some men are really first class bastards! My brother is one of them!

  5. Twilight Man: oh i dont know about your brother, but some men really are! :-)


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