Monday, August 29, 2011

Bits and pieces and Selamat Hari Raya ...

Hey. Heavy and pointless stuff aside, here are snatches of things going on in between my torrid and sometimes placid life:

  • Haze is back, smoggier than ever. Before you complain that the whole forest burning is choking the life out of you, look down at your plate and be thankful for the kampung rice that you love so much.
  • Independence Day and Raya falls on the same week, so prolonged holidays. Two weeks ago I was involved in the Kembara Merdeka Ramadhan 2011, organised by our sister department, the Information Dept Ministry. It stretched for 14 days with a convoy of 6 cars starting from Kuching and ended in Weston Tow, Sipitang. Fun, the trip was although I was in it for 5 days only, rounding up my turns from Sibu to Miri. The trip was fun, relaxing in a way, and made me realised how fortunate I am to be born and raised in Sarawak, the biggest multi-ethnic State in Malaysia. 
Vanity shot @ Daro ferry point. With my ex-boss from Info Dept.
  • Double celebration means longer public holidays of course. Looking forward to clear traffics, less road bully, and more road racing! What 80kmph? We go by 120!
  • Watched The Bridesmaids two nights ago. A hilarious and pathetic adventure of a 30-plus attractive lady, single, broke, jobless and who was uncannily picked to head the Bridesmaids squad -- a colourful mix of friends -- by her soon-to-wed bestfriend. I would've chucked it because it sounded kind of too familiar, but then we're not feeling sorry for ourselves, are we? All the single ladies, watch this and see if you don't laugh and cry at the same time.  Didn't know a broken tail-light can be a hard-to-ignore pickup line, hey. 
 Google Pix
  • Tried my hand at Italian food, and with a smashing success I might add! Beef bacon with egg and chilli cheese pasta... Seriously fun to do, quick and not over the top. Perhaps the only thing missing is the Italian -- picturing the Godfather himself coming over for dinner. Sigh. Thank you Wilson Chin for the idea. 
 Tada! Bella italia!
  • And ... Thank God for FB, now I can save my phone credit and just send the Raya greeting via walls and messages, since most everyone I know is connected one way or another. Amazing how much money and time you save. Did I miss out anyone? Sorry I'm a cheapskate, but so what. That's what technology is for right? Utilise and conquer! Good stalking tool too, that. 
So here's wishing everyone celebrating the Raya: 



  1. looks very delicious : )
    that makes me soooooooo hungry now, I'm trying it again tonight. hehe..

  2. Happy Holiday! Harap2 esok raya.

  3. Happy holiday! Yahoo! It should be Hari Raya tomorrow, but for me holiday means busy time cos need to open shop in the morning, and take care of the kids in the afternoon as nanny is off. Lol!

  4. Happy Holidays to you and Happy National Day.

  5. Selamat Hari Raya to you. I love Sarawak very much!

  6. wei.. ko sampai sipitang kah? sik menyinggah agak aku.. boleh aku pas kan kopi tenom... sekpa there is always next time.

    Happy Holiday!!!!!

  7. Hi Coffee Girl, Wow! You look really very nice, beautiful in the pic. Love your designer sunglasses.....and that smile can light up a whole street!
    You are what I call traffic stopper attractive, *wink*.
    Hey, where were you when I was handing out my resume? Ha ha ha.

    Happy holidays and have fun.....
    You sure looking good in the pic.

  8. Wilson: Thanks! so how did it go with the second try? ;P

    Ivynana: Happy holiday to you too!!

    Rose: Happy Holidays! open shop and take care of kids? perfect time for pleasure and business dont u think? ;))

    suituapui: and to you as well! Happy Merdeka Day!

    Twilight Zone: Happy Holidays to you too, if ur in Malaysia. :-) thanks.

    True Me: sikda aku sampai sipitang, miri jak. my other team took over from there. :-)) boleh ba kau courier itu kopi tenom lagi. Happy Holidays!

    Uncle Lee: thanks *blush*. you're too kind. im warmed and touched. And where were you when I was peaking? lol. Happy Holidays Uncle Lee and have a great week ahead! why arent there any gentleman romeo like you around here?

  9. Eeerrr... I am in Malaysia always...

  10. Twilight Man: really? LOl. i thought ur quite the high-flyer leh, from your blog. or maybe i like reading your travelogs. :-)

  11. macam ini boleh bukak restoran soon, no?? ...looks yummy btw. Nasib baik tak puasa ;)

  12. Ida: mun jak dapat bukak restoran kedak ya. haha. thanks!


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