Monday, August 15, 2011

At home right here in Malaysia ...

I have been remiss, my friends. I shall have to update more often now that I am home again.

Yours truly had been engaged in a most extraordinary and fun experience being a part of the Kembara Merdeka Ramadhan 2011 convoy on a roadtrip across the State, wielding a hand-flag and an emblem of pride and joy in our souls, and quiet humility. Where else could you feel the burden of your country, the pride burning in your bosom, and the emotional elation than by being right smack in the middle of it?

Some other people in some other countries have chaos, war, catastrophe, famine, flood, endless bloodshed, epidemic, earthquake, political uprising, terrorists, suicidal bombings, caste, renegades, religious upheaval, hijacks, and many unsafe and sleepless nights.

Count ourselves blessed that we live in Malaysia, a land of milk and honey, of opportunity, of equality, and of tranquil peace. Amen.

Wear your colors with pride. It's the only one you got. 

Happy Merdeka Month! 

p/s: This was supposed to be a National Day post, but I can't wait that long. :))


  1. semangat patriotic eh, bonus dah masuk ka :)

  2. hahaha.... menar kata Ivynana ya...

  3. I agree with that part of milk and honey, tranquil peace but the equality part ,not so agreeable lah,,i am sure you had loads of fun,, kembara envoy nampaknya syiok betul

  4. Can we all get tons of amen please? AMEN !!!

    daki mu odi convoy dayung? best botul..

  5. wat u say is true, we should appreciate that we stay in a country wit war and nature disaster free.

    Happy Advance Independence day to Malaysia :)

  6. aduh rasa patriotic indah baca post tok huhu...

  7. Hi Coffee Girl, good for you....Have fun.
    Best regards.

  8. Ivynana: eh harus! bonus? ada ka? sikda announcement pun mek org

    Tia: hahahaha semangat bah. no need inducement.

    Eugene: yes the equality part only in some parts of the country, sad. but so far we are still able to live with each other's differences. Oh best envoy! balik-balik je sakit.

    Tiq: from kuching, lundu, samarahan, sri aman, betong, saratok, julau, sibu, kanowit, daro, matu, mukah, bintulu, miri, limbang, lawas,sipitang, and back. tapi oku sampai miri jak sebab tukar shift. :))

    Venie: yes! can still walk the streets fearlessly.

    Nimi: hehe kibarkan jalur gemilang!

    Uncle Lee: thank you Unc! You too!

  9. Should have joined till the end...sampei Weston Sabah...balit singgah di Sipitang Esplanade pekena sate Sipitang...

  10. Apai: i wasnt prepped for the finale, and my other colleague was scheduled to take over. ku semengat nak balik bah. :-) too bad kan didnt see u? takpe

    Cyril: hahahaha


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