Monday, August 1, 2011

Abstinence ...

No coffee for a whole month. Achievable?

Bear up the hands that hang down, 
by faith and prayer; support the tottering knees. 
Have you any days of fasting and prayer? 
Storm the throne of grace and persevere therein, 
and mercy will come down.
~ John Wesley

Here wishing all my Muslim friends and readers, a Happy 1st Fasting Day! 


  1. tukarlah kepada minuman nok bernama teh hahaha

  2. Hi Coffee Girl, I must have my iced coffee every morning, last thing at night and inbetween, plus 5 cups of Chinese green tea.
    Not sure if I can puasa....

    But I sure admire my Muslim friends, no eating whole day, no coffee, no cigarettes, no sex too.
    Not sure which is more unberable.
    Me? Iced coffee! Ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  3. I cannot imagine me without my kopi kaw kaw everybody but sometimes fasting is good for the body, soul and the whole being,,,,,,,,,,

    take care now ya

  4. for a month?? sehari pun dh rasa menggigil..hahaha.. -caffeine addict-

  5. REcently, I only drink coffee or nescafe in the office only.. so now that we have fasting month that will be followed by Raya holidays/leave.. will likely abstain coffee or nescafe for more than a month ;))

  6. Sacrifice...and do penance for atonement of sins. God forgives.

  7. Yes, achievable, only if our minds are strong enough. :)

  8. I think so. But why? Fasting?

  9. Korawk: teh sik senyaman kopi. sikda drugging effect. :-)

    Uncle Lee: Iced coffee every morning? Wow. and 5 cups of green tea? i can imagine u going back and forth to the loo. Fasting is good for detoxifying too, i read. But coffee... oh no.

    Eugene: it's like a habit that's hard to break huh. same here.

    Hanie: sehari tak minum rasa kekurangan, kan? ish... Caffeine-dependent.

    Wan Sharif: nescafe is not as strong as a black brew, the stronger the more potent it is. more than a month? oh no.

    ms Tikot: Kajian menunjukkan 'tidak boleh'

    Suituapui: huge sacrifice... sometimes we negotiate on it even.

    The Tame Lion: mind over matters, right? apparently the taste buds are stonger

    MLM: To see if I can. :-)


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