Saturday, July 9, 2011

So you think you can cook ...

Oh come on... I so can!

How difficult is it? This thing has been around since before I was conceived. And besides, it did say "'Fast to cook, good to eat", right? I'm a career woman, I dont really have time to go over cookbook details. Excuses.

For lack of things to share, here I go being so lame: How about you join me for a bowl of Mee Maggi goodness, with extra chilli?And for the record, I don't normally like my Maggi with greens or other alien stuffs, but once in a meal-while, it doesn't hurt to add in whatever's handy in the fridge. Improvised - it's fun!

Mee Maggi - Chicken Flavor for that soupy moment

When the noodle is almost tender, add in greens and mushroom ...

Doctor-recommended extra virgin olive oil for the glistening finish ...

Squash chillies inside the bowl. That's how my dad likes to do his, fresh ...

 Pour in the bowl, mix in the chillies, and we're good to go! Ready the iced ribena too.

Easy, right? Life is beautiful.

*sigh in contenment*


  1. yummiest mun nya da chilli ya...hehehehehe

  2. try tambah quaker oat+telur. .

  3. LOL!!! Not a fan of Maggi. Mee Daddy, Cintan...anything but Maggi. Don't like the texture of the noodles...

  4. I like this kind of food on a rainy day...........always so warm

  5. makanan popular hjg bulan. hahahah

  6. Maggi curry lagi best, tambah egg & corned beef ;) sedappppp...

  7. Looks delicious with green stuff. you just give an idea to the people who don't have talent in the kitchen..:-)

  8. Amiey: makin pedas makin power!

    Ms Tikot: nang nyaman pok

    Korawk: telur ok, quaker oat?? kelak kering jadinya aih... thats too adventurous for me. lol

    suituapui: Lee Fah Mee pun sedap, esp the Abalon! :-) Maggee Mi is still better tho.

    Wan Sharif: memang, memang...

    eugene: i know right? ;-) to warm the stomach

    Hanie: secara kebetulan jugak ya! haha. tapi ni tengah bulan.

    Tia: *burp*

    Luciana: Maggi curry pun sedap! corned beef? oh i never tried that, sosej pernah.

    MLM: its as easy as 1-2-3. :-) 4 is when u eat it and 5 is when u finish it! :-)))

  9. ehh my meal for lunch today! hahahaha.. kebetulan. tp sy add telur lagi. masak dapur gas. lepas tu terlebih letak cili. lepas tu perut memulas. tp tetappp juga suka haha adeh

  10. Yeap! Easy and fast. Nothing beat the good old instant noodle way. Now you make me wanna have it for dinner. :0

  11. xdalah kering gilak, tambah air 400ml hahahaha..mun part mi maggi kari, kompom+quaker oat+gula= jadilah mi jawa yummmm

  12. Fina: memulas tu tandanya dah abis hadam. haha. kalau tak pedas, tak sedap kan?

    Rose: so did you? haha. easy fast and convenient.

    Korawk: camne nak rupa texturenya kelak. cuba u blogkan. haha. what? kari + quaker + gula = mee kari jawa? adeh.. interesting! mesti nak cuba gak jd adventurous tok. mun sik suka, buang jak oo

  13. Maggi Ayam? Hell.. you love that flavour too??

    Call me a 'p***y', but I love Maggi Ayam!!

  14. Cyril: oh hell yeah! and if i may add, it's not being a p***y to love it, it's very macho! LOL

  15. I think we can click well since we savor same Maggie mee, Ribena and Coffee!!!

  16. Twilight Man: i raise my glass to that! *chink!*


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