Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I could sit here ...

I could sit here 
engrossed in a book
scheming like a crook
dreaming of a brook
for hours that it took;

I could sit here
entwining our hands
making sweet plans
eyes roaming the lands
the future in a glance;

I could sit here
pondering the past
why good things don't last
why time fly so fast
leaving questions in a vast;

I could sit here
doing nothing.

 - Coffee Girl

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  1. Wah, so well written, Poet Girl...

  2. hati-hati kelak padah kerusi ya :)

  3. Lovely bench...so nice to be able to sit there and watch the world go by.

  4. Hi Girl, I sure like your style....nothing like being alone with nature...
    but check for ants first, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  5. oh my , oh my ...look who's the brilliant poet. You got it in you. Awesome girl!

  6. Twilight Man: Thanks man. :-)

    Hanie: terima kaseh. :-P

    Ivynana: patah jatuh ke bawah. mesti lagi banyak cerita lepas tu. lol

    Korawk: one size fits all. :-)

    suituapui: exactly. for munching and sipping all those lovely finger food you have and daydream

    Wan sharif: thanks man xx

    Uncle Lee: haha. thanks. like your style better. ants are frens of nature, we r in tune on that bench. ;P

    MLM: oh thanks, you. still cant beat you though. youre better. :-)


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