Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tie me up baby... Hey, who you calling a whore?

(I swear I wasn't gonna blog about this, but hey if you have to say it you have to say it)

While the Nation is currently focusing on the issues related to the roles of wives and husbands and the marriage institution and what goes on behind closed bedroom doors, and religions (like you can escape that), thanks to the now infamous Obedient Wives Club (OWC); I looked on my bare fingers and closed my tired eyes and thought, better a single woman with rights of her own than a wife with all these perception and expectation hanging over her head. Better a woman with choices and no one to answer to, than a woman constantly shackled and misconstrued. Better a woman with means than a woman without. Better a woman alone against the world than a woman alone for it.

I'm beginning to sound like a freaking feminist. Not. Just generally pissed off.

Tag an 'obedient' label on me, and I will suddenly feel the urge to rebel. It's the Law of Reflects, the most natural occurence in the universe. People tell you to stay put, do you listen? No. But don't get me wrong. Not rebel against my so-called future husband, just against the world and its misapprehension and misplaced guidance. It's the 21st century honey. It's the land of equal opportunity. Not equal treatment, just equal opportunity. You know what that means, right? Whatever happens to love, honour and respect? Don't you even believe in your own vows? It's equal everything else. Last I witnessed, two people repeated the vows, not one. If you have to work at something, it requires cooperation and equal understanding and action.

And why does the tag 'Obedient' suddenly makes me think of BDSM? How does something so innocent and good become so indecently proposed and remarked upon? This does brings to my mind the image of silk rope, spanking crop, creaking beds, palm marks on sensitive skins, and soft whimpers of sacrificial sounds ... all possible pictures thanks to Google search. (Sorry, my head just wandered off). Did the originator of the Club perhaps have these in mind? No?  I don't believe you.

How far am I right, then? Where did the taboo go, and our shyness about speaking of such things in public, things our elders only discuss and taught us to discuss in private and only in twos? You want to dispense with that and start addressing (or undressing) them one by one? You want to bring it all out in the open, speak of the unmentionables, discuss the dos and don'ts, in the name of saving the marriage institution, and so-called restraining the husbands from straying?

Then be prepared for the consequences. For the uproars. For the obstructions. For pissed off women. For indignant husbands. For the damage.

I mean, come on ... take this for a simplest explanation: If a country who still has a policy ruling about banning or allowing international mega superstar artists from performing here just because of his/her wardrobes or stage antics or lyrics or whatever excuses they can think of, what makes you think any of these things you started will be widely accepted and embraced? I'm not even going to mention religion here.

You know, that's why we have marriage councelors. Marriage is not a situation we delve into and then form a club for damage control. It should be treated with the respect and reverence and the degree of importance it deserves, like its the closest thing to religion. A husband is a head of the house, but he sure isn't God. And if I start telling you that treating him like he holds your salvation in his hands is not going to help your cause or pave your way to heavens, you will think me shallow and unrespectful of other religion. I'm not. Who likes being called a whore anyway?

You know, when it comes down to it, the intention is good, it's the means I don't agree with. And maybe also the 'ambassador'. No offence but people naturally would buy an item that looks like it works on the person  especially the one promoting it.  Imagine Angelina Jolie promoting this... and not some exhausted looking woman who looks like she's just been you know ... repeatedly. She's supposed to glow from it, but why didn't she, or is my doctor wrong, or perhaps bad camera angles? (Sorry, I can't help it. Sorry. I will repent tomorrow.)

But then again, I know what's in your head: I'm not married yet, so what do I know? Just letting off overdue steams.


  1. hahaha this is a really nice one, especially the first paragraph!
    yeah, they should have a proper 'ambassador', a young and hot one at that! lol

    and oh, i really lol'd at BDSM. whips and cuffs anyone?

  2. Some people just don't understand that in a marriage, you must learn to respect your partner and be understanding with each other.

    There's no need of such clubs. Husbands stray not because wives are not obedient, but because of lack of communication at home (i read it somewhere).

    At this point, i always envy looking at old couples which managed to keep the flames well burning despite years of marriage.

    Love the article girl!

  3. i've been waiting for ur post on this! best!

    stay single gal and grab whoever u want.... bolehkah? hahahahaha?

  4. Sex is not everything. That's all I can say.

  5. Just about shows what some people have in their pea-sized brains...

  6. Serious berat entry you kali tok, took me 2 days untuk baca baruk habis; yesterday tgh baca, ada pulak benda urgent datang. But your last statement very funny la, steam-steam dah habis keluar tek?

  7.'s been long. The last time I checked your blog, it says "not found"

    I agree with you. This is 21st century- a time of equal opportunity!

    Clever insight!

  8. Urrmm.. Tia, married is okay lah darling. Just find the right one :D

    cool post love!

  9. Arief: ;P. BDSM is in, didnt u hear? i bet u have a better recount of this, from a guy's colourful pov. lol

    Cyril: Thanks. yeah, i dont know how the older generation did it, but they did. my parents for example, home fire's still burning. up till old age. ;)

    Tia: thanks babe. stay single? ... well... er... uh... hmm...

    Willie: exactly!

    suituapui: how did the peasized brain graduated into a Doctor, do u think?

    Ivynana: hahaha. berat? no lah, just putting into words all my jumble up logics and views on the matter, before i change my mind. :-) ur funny.

    MLM: Hey! :-) welcome back. Thanks. thats right. after all, we're just humans with deep feelings.

    Ida: Yes, find the elusive right one. :-) thanks Ida.

  10. kmk baca & memahami.

    entry ktk kali tok best!
    buat kmk berfikir :)

    apapun, ktk kawen la :P

  11. Hani: hahaha ya kah? mak'seh cik. kamek mok la kawen. kitak dah nak? berkali2 gik ya mek nanga! LOL

  12. i'm 20 and young. i don't have a special boyfriend nor husband but i understand your pov, CF. well done. =)

  13. Dadyana: youre way too smart for your age. :-) thanks.

  14. 2 weeks ago I attended a high society's closed door luncheon at a restaurant in Klang. The topic of whore and OWC was brought up by the wealthy bitch next to me. She crowed so loud and banged the table as if she was a victim. I lost my appetite to eat as she was more garang than harimau. She scolded me for being a male species! Oh momma, what wrong did I do?

  15. Coffee Girl: i cant imagine why she'd scold u for being a male... ? if she daft, and rich? she's probably suffering from attention deficit. haha

  16. Hi Coffee Girl, well spoken. Wayyyyyy to go!
    I understand one of the initiators or woman who started this OWC....
    wait for it.....she's the 3rd wife out of 4?
    Holy Smoke!
    And she teaching others? Ha ha ha....
    It is sad to read, to know there are such people around.
    Have a nice day,

  17. Hey Uncle Lee: i know right? 3rd! i bet the 1st and the 2nd are worst than unhappy and more furious than the rest of us! yes there are such people around. sigh..


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