Monday, June 6, 2011

Need for speed ...

Where did the time go? It's June already, hey!

Selamat Gawai to all my fellow Sarawakians!

I am at a phase where my days are calculated by deadlines. It's like counting the days backwards until D-Day and the amount of preparation to be done prior to that. The beauty about deadlines is you look far ahead forward to it that you don't see or feel the nearest things that come along or between it. And hey hey... time moves faster that way, and before you know it, it's payday!

Oh... but I know when civil servants get theirs because the shopping malls will suddenly go mad with traffic jams during lunch breaks and you see batiks and kurungs go shopping in groups. That's usually the indicator for me, and we would go... "What, payday already kah?" Haha. No offense people, after all, that's also an indicator that ours will be the next day.

Anyway... enough blabbering. It's June! It's Midyear! It's summer somewhere (remember I have that British-speaking checklist?)! And it's Sales all around!

Happy June everyone! Thanks for reading my craps today, I'm out of ideas again, post-holiday mood. 


  1. Next day? sik sama hari ka payday state n federal?
    Okla gue pun dah mok pulang.

  2. Ivynana: kamek org special sikit, sik sama ngan federal. :-) ya la lambat sehari

  3. Yalah..dah stengah tahun kan..dh mok Christmas sik lamak gik hehehe..

    Happy June to you too !

  4. Gosh! "speed" is slang for some kind of drug... LOL!!! Hope you had a great Gawai... Time flies...and soon another year will be gone.

  5. Tiq: aok eh... Christmas! Yeay!!

    Suituapui: haha i know! but this is literally THE speed, not that speed. I had a great holiday!

    Ms Tikot: thank you ngek...


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