Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If I had a baby girl...

... I'd doll her up and dress her in these adorable polka dots ...
 purple fantasy ...
 banana boat dream...
 black is back!
 colourful prints that only babies can carry so well...
 dark purplish blue...
 tangerine ...
 oh pocket details!...
perry dots? ...
 porcelain dots anyone?
and my personal favorite... red against white dots!
with matching baby shoes!!!

Baby girls always have the more fun, don't they? You can dress them up in practically anything and they'll end up pretty! Whereas baby boys ... now there's a challenge...

Who says polka dots are out of style?

p/s: Coffee Girl just had a mental argument with her boss ... she's currently cooling off by looking at baby clothes. Whatever works.


  1. The dresses are really pretty and class! I agree that boys have lesser selection of they have to wear trousers all the time! Now Zang Toi is trying to introduce sarongs! When I am mad with my boss I will chill outside or go to spa!

  2. But some are such tomboys...and look like pondans in dresses. LOL!!! My daughter loved pretty elegant dresses when Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and then she grew out of it... :(

  3. pasal tu lah, i got baby girl LOL :D

  4. Haha...that's a wonderful series of polka dots dresses.

    Yes, I like how you put your vision in a polka dots dress- the baby gotta like it!

  5. i wish someday i have baby girl...

  6. Twilight Man: Man in sarongs, like, all the time, as in to replace trousers? wow! i gotta see that! are u planning to follow the trend? if u do, blog yeah! lol! spa is soo pricey these days, better rendam dalam tab jer.

    suituapui: hahaha agree, some baby girls are like boys. but then, thank God cute babies run in my family. Belle's day-dress looks even better than her ball gown actually, to me, ie.

    Luciana: LOL! yeah i know! so much fun dolling them up, right?

    MLM: oh yes, if i had a baby girl, she will have no choice but to like it. haha. kidding. im gonna make her love the polka dots. like mami like daughter maaa

    Korawk: oh someday you will, i can promise you that!

  7. hahahah COMEL!!! Whenever my sisters asked me to buy things for my nieces... I have always buy them these...hahaha comel on them! cant wait to wear it on my own daughters :P

  8. mun kamek ada baby gal, kamek akan jahit gown nya sendirik..angan2

  9. Amiey: yeah, i know how u feel. but dang baby clothes are more expensive than adults'! haha.

    Aripsamat: I know right? :-)

    Ivynana: sik lamak gik adanya dayung... sik lamak gik. then u can experiment on your seamstress skill on her... (oh tedah baby)

    The Tame Lion: It is! :-) my dream baby dresses. oh hey, how come i cant leave any comments on ur site?

  10. Not a fan of babies.. yet.. hahaha

  11. Cyril: ahahaha... that's a first. dont worry, it'll grow on you, so beware! LOL

  12. Nimi: hahaha... mesti Marion suka nok kaler blue nak. hehe. have u tried a red polka dots on her? mesti cute giiilllllleeeeerrrrrrrr!


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