Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I AM BACK!! Sabah Part 2...

(WARNING: Picture-heavy. And of Blackberry quality only)

Sorry, this post is about 3 weeks plus overdue. BUT since I don't have anything hotter to blog about, I'll just share these shots hoping they will speak the words for me. This is a sequel of the Part 1 Holiday in KK.

Good luck viewing!

 Novotel Hotel 1B: new and couple-concept. transparent bathroom anyone?

 "Here, YOUR towels plant trees"... oh I like those words. @Novotel.

 Imperial International Hotel at Warisan Square... contemporary and cool.

Sutera Harbour... picture perfect serenity! I could stare at this for hours.

Perfect weather for island hopping - Mamutik Island

 Check out the fishes! the water is so clear you could use them for facial...

 Hopping to the second Island ... Manukan. Cozy-looking chalets. I shall return!

 WWII Leftovers... notice the smaller pellet standing proud among its bigger peers? dang ...

 BBQ lunch at the island before heading back to land... after playing in the sun, even that fish looked yummy!

@ Kundasang: Local folks called these 'tomato keras' but they look more like buah pinang to me

 @Kundasang: Locally grown avocado! and rose apple (jambu air) and mangoes. Eh banyak lagi strange fruits, but where did my pictures go aah?

 @Kundasang: Only go here if you're really desperate.

 @Kundasang - Rose Garden but all the roses were withered due to hot weather.

 At least this one looked fresh enough...

 @Batu 24 on the way to Kundasang: Stopped by at the souvenir stalls looking for tshirts.
 @Bt 24: and while you're there, don't forget to check out the Look-Out Point.

 @Tamparuli ... The famous Tuaran Mee using locally-made noodles. There's a halal version, but not this. My friend ate this cause I was full from breakfast at the hotel. Should try this next time.

 @Filipino market: Pearls! Pearls everywhere!

 1Borneo... where the half-naked people are....

 @Kaison, Centerpoint: How I wish we have this in Kuching. Cheap and elegant home decos and wares.

Last but not least... this lady could pose as a local, could she? Makan jak kerja.

So there you have it! Since somebody commented my blog is word-heavy and not one to boast of pictures... now how do you like this? LOL. Had enough of my face?

One thing for sure is I'm coming back here soon ... to climb the Mountain! Anyone want to join?


  1. Yo Sabah! Eh, kamek sik boleh promote sabah over2 tok...apapun Borneo is the best :)

  2. havent been to sabah yet X(
    whats the tuaran mee? looks delicious!
    the water is crystal clear eh? and the transparent bathroom is niceee hahahaha


  3. Ivynana: hahaha... aku ter-promote! best utk gi honeymoon oo

    Arief: Tuaran mee is like kolok-mee but using locally-made noodle. Tuaran is a district in Sabah. :-) it is delicious! ;P you should visit. Airasia murah bah.

  4. Wow! a nice one here...makes me wanna go to Sabah...anyway, which BB you using to capture these snapshots. The photo quality is not too bad for a phone...

  5. KianHinish: BB Curve 3G 9300, the small and light one. :-) but then, there's Photoshop. thanks for visiting yeah!

  6. One trip, stay at so many hotels? Tuaran mee...cannot beat Kuching kolo mee and Sibu kampua lah!!!

  7. i love the pictures. most of them mmg familiar! haha. batu 24 tu, u mean, pekan nabalu? btw mmg lapar sgt la tu even that fish pun looked tasty kakaka :D ur face ni mengingatkan sy dkt sorang kawan sy sama2 bljr wktu dekat kedah dulu. :)

  8. suituapui: two hotels only lo. if i had my way, id try all the hotels! lol. Tuaran mee sure cannot beat kuching kolo mi, but for a different taste, this is not bad. not bad at all.

    Fina: mestila familiar, dah u kat situ. haha. yes bt 24 , pekan nabalu ke namanya? i punya tourist guide cakap mcm tu i pun ekot, haha. oh ye ke? my evil twin kot? :)

  9. Climb mountain.. MUST!


  10. Cyril: definitely a MUST... always berhajat, belum juga ditunaikan. ;P


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