Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holy Cabbage! ...

And I quote: When baking, follow directions. When cooking, go by your own taste.

So by then, you would've learned and discovered that everything we consume is a product of someone's experimentative indulgence and thereon followed after or practiced or improvised upon. I am no Anna Olsen, but I guarantee you, ehem, anything I put my mind to do, will come out half as good. Or at least no one will die from it.

Ok scrap the talk. Time for some lazy action, right from the fridge, or whatever is lying around. Managed to fix this light dinner, although for the life of me, I dont know what to call it:

Ingredients from the fridge:
2 Frankfurter sausages (boiled or fried, whichever is less work)
2 hardboiled eggs (or soft boiled, if you prefer them in a mushy mix)
A handful of Baby Cabbages, leaves separated if you prefer (boiled for 1 and a half minutes)
Half a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
A pinch of salt and pepper, to taste
Tabasco sauce, as generous as you like
I ate all my cheddar cheese yesterday, otherwise it would've made an excellent topping

1. Crunch the sausages into bite-size pieces using a fork or a spoon in a mixing bowl (or dinner plate here, less mess to clean up later).

2. Add in the boiled baby cabbages. Actually I added in the olive oil while it was boiling in the pot, so that the greens come out glistening and pretty. But if you're Jamie Oliver, you'd probably add in the oil now while you're mixing it. Hey... to each his own.

3. Now add in the hard boiled eggs. Cut them in halves, threes, fours, or simply crush them in the mix, I don't care. I prefer them where I can see them in a lump right where I left it. Sprinkle the mix with salt and pepper, and then add in the Tabasco sauce as generously as you like. The tangy spicy scent and taste is what I crave for, the perfect finish.

And TADA!! Salad Whateverishandy is ready to be served!

*Sigh in contentment* This won't last me till the next meal time,but eating healthy is hard work on the stomach. Finished it, see?
... while reading the Stars Classified.

Note: Pictures of Blackberry quality only.


  1. Try you polah vege + fruits salad... even easier and nicer... LOL

    *lapar modeeeeee* :P

  2. That's what i call ,,creative cooking,,,

  3. part bace classified tu yg wa nk tabik tu. kehkehkeh

  4. I like that quote; aku slalu polah cake sik ikut arahan, macam2 jak rupa cake ku..nang membazir jak.

  5. ehee.ktk tauk sik, kmk sik reti makan sayur cabbage.terukkan? mek makan sayor kmpung jak.mcm kangkong.haha.kmk nang sik gemar sayur.thats why la kmk kurus kot :P

  6. Eyewwwwww.... LOL!!! And stay off those sausages. Lots of preservatives and everything else.

  7. that looks so healthy!

    It's awesome to know how you experiment anything you can find in your fridge...

  8. mauk juak try molah resipi camtok kelak..wowowow!!

  9. Amiey: vege + fruits ya tikam2 jak nak? ;P ok kelak cobanya

    Eugene: Lol. and lazy cooking.

    Hanie: suka baca part org promo diri sendiri... hahaha. pakai aku ketawa sorang2

    Ivynana: aku sik pandei gilak baking, or maybe sik pernah try, sebab mun salah sikit, lalu sik kembang lah sik masak lah sik merekah kah, ish... sik berani.

    Hani Apandi: hahah baru ku dengar org kurus sebab sik suka sayur. terbalik la ko tok hani. abis, ko makan apa lah, kangkung bukan sayur? haha

    suituapui: i know, but i still like em, preservatives and all. ;P

    MLM: the greens look healthy, the rest looks pretty only. lol.

    Korawk: coba jak, asal boleh makan. janji kenyang dan sik menyusahkan sangat. haha

  10. wow not bad..simple n lazy,lol..
    i love the veggie, so green :D

  11. So much work nia... I would open a canned soup and down it, lagi senang dei... I will try you method for sure!

  12. Twilight Man: hahahaha... thats even lazier! but i cant imagine eating right out of a can, what if it's rusty?


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