Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wedding jitters...

(HALT! Bukan aku yg kawin ok, orang lain je.)

Mom dragged me to my first cousin's wedding today. I hate to spoil her mood by arguing and giving 1001 excuses that I didnt even have, so there I went, bracing for assault.

If I set my mind to it, I could actually do this singlehandedly.

Pick a dress. Do my own makeup. Fix my own hair. Drive. Sit alone. Act cool. Dispense my prettiest smiles. Eat like a girl. Make polite small talks with strangers sharing my table. Avoid eye contacts. And leave in one piece. All the while looking like I don't care. I could even get brownie marks for this. Wentworth Miller would be so proud of me.

Dang those aunties just won't quit! When I said Not Yet, I meant Not Now. I will, eventually.

I even set a checklist... see?

I love thunderstorms. If he didn't, that's just too bad, cause I have like, 101 imaginative things-to-do in/during a thunderstorm. If you know what I mean.


  1. Interesting list... hehehe...

    Hey, thunderstorms are awesome. I never hated em, except when they cut the electricity off.. hehe

  2. huyooo...pnjang juak checklist ktk...ngehehe~ tp, kmk rsa bila ktk da jmpa someone yg ktk btol2 suka, checklist ya xjuak d heran lak...ngeh3 apa yg penting...kerjasama! eh bkn, huu~ yg ptg ktk n nya saling syg....mena. sbb kmk pun dlok da juak checklist cmtok...hahaha~ btw, have a wonderdul day.. ;D

  3. u will need a few men to satisfy that list babe.....hehehehehe

  4. I told a friend who used a check list for his wife-to-be.. as years go by your check list will be more refined.. more difficult to be fulfilled as you think better of yourself.. but the other side will have their own check lists.. to them your "value" may be lower as you aged.. they might even think that you are a problematic man - women find difficult to hold or even befriended.. ;)))

  5. :D
    that's a fantastic list....
    thunder...??? y like thunder?

  6. Quite an interesting post! Do visit my blog and leave your footprints by posting comments

  7. whoa, the title is really misleading! hahaha
    i hate going to weddings now that im older, every auntie will ask the same thing!
    bila lagi?


  8. May you find you Mr. Right soon.
    Congrats on being selected as the blog of April on Sarawakbloggers.

  9. haaa auklah ...bila gik? now it's my turn to ask you that question..hehehe

    wah..list dayung tok...kali dah ada nak, cuma sik mok pdh ngan kmk org jak? hehehe

    and slamat onu gawea dayung !!tara tara tara OOoooo !!!

  10. Hi Coffee girl, I love your lively sense of humour.....And yes, relatives, busybody aunties tend to ask probing questions, "bila..."?
    I had my fair share too old days of "when..."?
    Or, a direct approach, requires lots of diplomacy here..."Lee, you don't like my daughter..."? Ha ha.

    Anyway, you just live your life as how you want it to be...have fun....don't get handcuffed too early, *wink*.

  11. go go dear..!!! cepat kawin ya ;)

  12. Cyril: haha... but then when it's blackout and it's pitch darkness, ah... even better!

    Lavenderpurple: checklist ya sebagai panduan jak. :-) mun ada yg keluar landasan, boleh runding semula.

    Tia: ahahaha... 1 man is a handful enough.

    Wan sharif: u mean, an as-you-go checklist? lol. thats difficult to keep track of. at least mine is easy enough, i think.

    Ivynana: :-) jangan sikda checklist jak, macam molah event bah.

    Wilson: thunderstorms, not just thunder. it's romantic, enigmatic and thrilling, dont u think?

    Nilofer: thanks for visiting. :-)

    Ida: just being practical. easier to work with a checklist, kan?

    Arief: i know right? if only we can snub them, but then, no point being rude to family, it might come back to haunt you. ;P

    sintaicharles: Mr Right is just around the corner. lol. and thanks.

    Tiq: for me to know and for you to never find out soon enough! haha. you bila gik? and Selamat Gawea to you too dayung.

    Uncle Lee: oh yes tell me about it! but the direct approach is hilarious! sometimes they leave you speechless. LOL

    Luciana: macam nak racing pulak da... zzzz

  13. imaginative things-to-do during ..what? thunderstorm? haha. i really didn't know what u mean. tell me :D

    how 'young' are u by the way? :P

  14. Fina: Playing hide and seek? spin the bottle? blind man's buff? nenek kebayan? camping at home? romancing the stone? ahaha... so many things to do!!! my looks defy my age, or so I think. ;P


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