Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Whoohooo! I am back to stalk and haunt and predate and annoy! A holiday is always too short. Too short! And having a phone that has push email is supposed to help, but it didn't because work seemed to follow me everywhere I went. Technically that was a half-half. BUT ...

Rejuvenated? ... Checked!
Revived? ... Checked!
Sunburnt ? ... Checked!
Happy? ... Checked!
Sated? ... Checked!
Ready to start work? ... err Checked!

And now I have tonnes of things to do, planning, implementing, delegating. *Sempat lagi blogging* Might be missing again from this spot here due to extensive outstation. Or extensive brain-block. Whichever comes first. Will be back with more updates.

Till then ... I leave you with a few clues on where I was a week ago.

Fresh local veges ...
The making of a failed sun-tan ... note the cute feet

Happy Coffee Face! Yeay!

 Macam tourist sesat daa...

Silhouette je ... beach body too hawt...

P/s: There you have it - my special edition exclusive face. After this, you won't see them again. :-)


  1. Don't worry about the failed tan, dear,you will get it soon because the sun is always hot,hot and hot...

    thanks for sharing your pics

  2. gigi kacak, kaki mu kacak juak
    ada oleh laki kacak sik?

  3. kmk rasa kmk dah dapat agak sine tok.
    sabah nak??? sbab gambar no.1 kat sabah jak ada fresh vege selain cmeron.pasya gambar no.4..mcm kinabalu mount jak.hahaha.

    mun betul, ada hadiah sik? :P

  4. Where was that? Bali? Some place in Indonesia, I guess.

  5. wah.. pi land below the wind sik madah ho? :-)

  6. sabah!hehe!so what do u think of the tenom coffee?

  7. glad that u r back :)
    still hot dear, huh!!

  8. selamat parik.. susah wanna start work after holidays. i can relate to that always.

  9. Eugene: kaki saja putih, yg muka semua belang sudah. haha. welcome

    Tia: ma'seh mama. laki kacak ghaib. sik tauk sine tuju. nye bertumpu di kawasan2 sejuk jak

    Hani: pandei! pandei! 10 markah tomato! hadiah tuntut di kaunter ye dek! hehe

    Suituapui: Bali? what? lol. no, this is Sabah

    Rose: ada bah di fb, u sik nanga. madah mesti sik sempat jumpa. :-(

    Fiona: Tenom coffee rocks! very the kaw-kaw! just the way i like it!

    Ivynana: terima kasih. :-)

    Luciana: yes it is still hot. seriously thinking about the aircond.

    Cyril: thank you. :-) that's why. Buntu sudah otak. the downside of holiday. and it's always too short.

  10. Hey dayung, waaa fantabulous breakaway oh. I hope you enjoyed and had the greatest time there.
    Best botul odi holiday, okuk pun mo’ok tu’ui doik odi holiday. Odi Sabah pun aluak. T_T

    Indeed a very special edition this time. Okuk sai tih first time ningak jowin muk dayung sangon.

    Welcome back to the hectic world. Jak otto’ kroja mei. Hehehe

  11. i need a holiday!!
    haha and look at all those coffee!
    nak satu!

  12. Muka cute Kaki pun cute. Welcome back ;-)

  13. Tiq: oh i had a great time being away from work, thats the best part! LOL. aie suh meh odi mit holiday mu'u. odi ka sabah best goh pakai unwind jak. hihi... first time ningak jowin ku yoh. Next time mun dapod aku, mu'u puan lah. special edition beb. after this, no more jowin. Thank you. Ja pari kreja. hehe

    Arief: here, i give you a satchet. enough or not? want more, follow me. :-) go holiday! i support you from the corner sipping my Tenom coffee.

    Ms Tikot: thank you ahmoi. You oso leh. work work work

  14. Have a great weekend ya and god bless

  15. Eugene: thanks. you too! Have a great weekend. God bless!


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