Saturday, May 21, 2011

Country rocks!

For the first time in American Idol history:
1. we have a pure country twang y'all! and a face to match! I mean, Carrie was awesome, but she's a girl.
2. two country singers will be pitted against each other. who wouldve though it?
3. my favorite contender sang all my favorite country songs!
4. blue eyes never looked better. and checkered shirt too!
5. JLo, Steven, and Randy were waaaaayy a better combination of judges. I still miss Simon though.

When he sang ''Amazed", oh God... seriously. Stop me right here. I like both of them, but I hope he wins.

You know who I'm talking about right? *No Mom, I'm not a cradle snatcher, not technically anyway*

Pics courtesy of Google

Pics courtesy of Google

All that's missing is a stetson. And a pair of silver spurs. That would complete my overdue teenage dream. Yeehaw!


  1. I would love to see him wearing black suit in the final, like the one Ryan or Michael Buble normally wear. Ensemm woo.. cair.. im so glad he made it to the final, i've set my eyes on him from the very beginning. and i think lauren's voice is so much beautiful than carrie.

  2. Country Songs have similar effect on me.. I just realize lately.. Ohhh dear Colbie Caillat =P

  3. i didnt watch american idol, but recently i heard the song amazed, and it sounded much better than the original. must be this one i guess?

  4. Wan Sharif: oh thank God for cowgirls!

    Nimi: me too, i knew he wud make it that far. oh black suit wud make him sooo gorgeous, like MIB. but still he's wayyyy better in blue jeans.

    Cyril: haha! ok i didnt know that. Colbie is not really country-er, right? she's contemporary country i think, kinda there but not there.

    Arief: the original was sang by Lonestar, the country group. after that it was covered by a few other people, including Duncan James (Blue). X)

  5. Not a fan. I wish he would have more emotion, more feeling in his songs and his facial expressions. Didn't like his Where were you when the world stopped turning, Always on my mind... His Amazed and She believes in me...ok but he's no Kenny Rogers, that's for sure! First season, I stopped watching halfway... So bored.

  6. Suituapui: hahaha to each his own i guess. for a 16 year old, i think he did just fine, not polished enough yet, but huge potential given enough time to grow up.

  7. oh. not really watching :/ channel mana? *nampak sgt jarang tgok tv*

    if lagu2 taylor swift and jewel tu lagu country, so yes, I LOVE COUNTRY SONGS!. haha :)

  8. Uh? who's this? Maybe i should google it up.

  9. Fina: Star World! hari ni final! huhu! dan aku plak outstation. memang timing sangat la. sedihnya

    Willie: hahaha. Scotty McCreery!

  10. oh suituapui, ur such an old soul lol.. he's no kenny rogers, but he is making his very own history. trust us, he'll make it big time.

  11. Ohhh..not a fan like Suituapui too..heheh sorry dayung. yalah kan, bkn semua org minat benda nok sama..but I'm nothing against him just that sik minat jak hehehehe

    And I bet you must be extremely happy that he was crowned season 10 Idol. Yeeeeehaaaaaawww

  12. Nimi: exactly! and look see! he made it! he made it! He won! *applaused*

    Tiq: oh yes i am extremely happy. it was kinda expected as well, with his overflowing fan base. but still, am very glad he did!


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