Monday, April 11, 2011

When the trust has been breached...

I have to apologize. This is probably going to sound like another one of those faith cum political talks that we all detest so much and yet couldn't stay away from.

Christians all over the world are not aggressive people. Before you roll your eyes and disagree with me, here's the partial truth: All Faith teaches their congregations to respect each other, especially those from a different faith, and not to resort to violence when dealing with any kinds of crisis. Right? All Faith except Satanism, that is. But let's not go there.

So, in the wake of the Sarawak Election, something just doesn't add up.

  • First, you try to take something precious from the Christians. This confuses the people because it never happened.
  • Secondly, you try to put your marks on them. This annoys the people, because in the name of the government, you might have the right to do that, but the people know it's just wrong.
  • Third, you try to negotiate with the people. This just makes you look stupid because you sent the wrong negotiator.
  • Fourth, you gave 10 reasons why the people should let you do what you have just decided you should do. This just pisses people off more because why come up with 10 when they all mean the same thing - a NO?
  • Fifth, in the end, you wanted to release the Books. This just shows that decisions can change anytime. You can take it back again, and who could stop you? This just looks like a political stunt to rope in the votes. No, you disagree? Well that is exactly what it looks like to me.
  • And sixth... you expect after all that has happened, after all that has been said and done, that the people will have any hope left in you? You who disappoint the very people who used to put their trust in you. 
  • Seven... I read the 10 points. All I got was bla bla bla 10 point solution. And I thought my English was good. 
  • Eight... I cannot come up with my own 10 points on this it seems. Did you notice those 10s are probably repetitive and redundant? Did you? Tell me. I'm dying to know.
If you give a toy to a child, he will love you. If you take it away from him, he will cry for a while. But when you give it back, he will rejoice and forget that you have ever done him wrong. His mentality is not yet conditioned to remember the hurt you inflicted.

If you give something precious to a grown up, he will be grateful. But if you take it away, he may fight you and then end up accepting his fate, but resentment will grow. You are not God to simply give and take as you please.

The people are not stupid. They are not docile. Not anymore.

I don't support any Parties, at least not outright. I am speaking on behalf of all the other Christians who have been quiet and supportive of good deeds done by the government of the day all this while. What changed?



  1. All I need is one point: TOTAL FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

    Like you, i dont go for party, I go for Sarawak's interest. Very disappointed abt the way our Books and our people are treated.

  2. Same with Cyril. I don't go for the party, I go for Sarawak's interest. yerRRr speaking kamek eh! eheheheh...

  3. May GOD bless them all....

  4. mok juak madah, i go for sarawak interest :)

  5. Tambah I go for Sarawak Interest.... aiks orang Sarawak dah lama paham2 hormat2 ba, sik ada jua yang mudah terpengaruh sebab iman masing2 kuat ba..... RESPECT RELAX ka ya minum kupi kat kedei BDC! Apa macam??

  6. Cyril: Yes. But bear in mind that Total Freedom of Religion also means the same for other religion including new ones from the cult and occult.

    FnF: Me too, Sarawak's interest. terrer kita speaking eh. haha

    Tia: Amen...

    Hani: You and us all. :-)

    GD: memang lamak dah paham, tapi banyak influence kinek tok. things are changing. mun jak dpt minum kopi sama2, sikda masalah. :-)


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