Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spilled Coffee ... and Ubi Rebus

It's only 12.49pm and I'm already passed my second cup of coffee. And they're both instant because that's the only ones they have in the pantry. Man. I have another appointment at 2.30 pm and I hope they serve coffee as well. Oh joy.

*Shiraka itu ofis MP suruh aku nunggu 45 menet untuknya sampei ofis. Maka apoinmen kol 10 pagi. Ney tek nya gik di umah nunggu sidak cina datang nak masang apakah di umahnya. Pfft. Mun tauk tek, ku gi minum dolok. Nasibnya tua dari aku. Nasibnya ngidang kopi juak tek. Mun sik, heh, udah ku ngebom dengan cara bait tek. Nasib ku gik ingat Pendidikan Moral ku tek. Hormat orang tua ok.*

Anyway....... My point is ... UBI REBUS! *Insert Big Grin*

Have you ever tried:
Ubi rebus (boiled tapioca)
Tempoyak goreng (fried fermented durian) 
kopi-o panas (hot black coffee)

for coffee/tea break?

Seriously exotic and very Bidayuh style. Never? Yucky? Haha. Try it.

You know everytime I have a combination of these... I would go exactly like that food critic Antono Ego, the grim eater, in Ratatouille the movie after he ate the ratatouille made by the rat Remy ...

It brings me waaaaay back to my childhood days.

That's all folks! I am late for my appointment!


  1. its been quite a while since i had ubi rebus. and eating it with sugar. plus some black coffee.
    ahhh, dah mengidam dah pulak!

  2. yummyyy . same goes to me. it has been a while i last enjoyed ubi rebus & hot black kopi . will be back home real soon & hopefully the elders would serve this during gawai . hahah .

  3. huh? ubi ngan tempoyak?
    I like my ubi with gula apong...aduh sodap.

  4. Aiyaaa... how to diet with that tempoyak goreng?? Ubi goes with everything :)

  5. Arief: sugar! i do that too! u shd try it with tempoyak goreng, very addictive.

    Dadyana: it's tradition to serve it when guests come calling, right? mun sik, kitak pegi cabutnya kat belakang umah. haha

    Ivynana: cuba gak. nenek i punya cara, donno lah tapi macam turun temurun jak.

    Ida: haha! siboh diet. durian is rich in antioxidant, right? last i read.

  6. Thanks for your information... and congratulation to you for being nominated as blog of the month April! You are doing very well too! Keep it up...jia you!

  7. botul² sidik tipuyak goreng tih neh...suo tih sidik eh..alu lapa kamek aie...hehehe

  8. CF : yeapp. hihi. i don't think we have one at belakang rumah . Hahah .


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