Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The media politics...

[Could've gotten paid for this post in a magazine, but the mag was too politically biased for my taste]

Told from a completely neutral perspective. I stand corrected. Who the heck cares anyway. I'm  not a political columnist.

The medias are biased. Majority of the newspapers play down the oppositions and highlights the bigger player. Freedom of the press cardinal rule of neutrality broken. Yes, I understand you work for the stakeholders who pay your salary, and no I don't blame you. And yes the media plays a huge role during election. I still think all the reports should be balanced and no adding up or using adjectives that clearly shows who you vote for. It's no wonder the oppositions feel a need to have their own printed words, because no one give them any chance to talk even for a while.

I repeat, I support no parties. I merely support a Free Media that reports accordingly and truthfully, and doing the best at their jobs without having the obligation to have to follow house rules. Journalists are smart people. If you limit their scopes, you limit their abilities. If you limit their abilities, you'll have a shitty report. And then put the blame on them. WTH.

I stopped reading newspapers these past few days. I stopped watching the local news. They all report on one front and make the other front look bad. That's not what I call a good report.

Nearing the Election, it just keep getting blown up. Every candidate promises to make a bridge even when there was no river. Every candidate visits the people and shakes countless hands. Every candidate visits the long houses, the taxi unions, the small entrepreneurs, the single mothers. Why they keep zooming down on the defenseless, I have no idea - the crippled, the blind, the orphans, the weak - to show compassion, true, no harm. But when they go and report that the candidate "berjiwa rakyat", I just about choked on my coffee.

Please. I just want to read an undiluted report some times. Reading a many-times-over watered down piece of article is like drinking coffee that looks like tea.

But things are not always what they seemed like, aren't they? We're always obligated one way or another. Wait until you hear about what I have to say about ALL the candidates. But Polling Day is merely two days away, so it might not be relevant anymore. Hmm.


P/S: No offense to all the media practitioners. Just sharing my cup's worth of coffee. Like I said, I stand corrected. Not stand to be shot.

PSS: I need a holiday. Apparently I keep making heavy posts. This can't be healthy. Stop!


  1. as usual..aku sik pande komen pasal politic.
    Apapun iboh pegi ke bangunan MACC jak (apa ka kaitan nya ho)
    Jum minum kopi peng tengah cuaca panas tok best juak :)

  2. aishh politic is not my thing, enraging topic,slalu nya no comment..heheh

    cheers dayung !

  3. yeah, media is the key to power, attention and control. so, the best way to achieve is through the control of mass media.
    and yes, they are biased.
    but to me, there is no such thing as an unbiased media.
    media on its own is already a hypocrite, what more if controlled by some people.
    oh well, just go with the flow then.

  4. whatever it is, i love reading natural nd personal perspective like this. takda bias :)

  5. I dont read BH, UM, and dont watch TV3 for the reasons you have stated. They get on my nerves.

    While I'd love to say TMI is one of the unbiased ones, but somehow, they do seem to be swaying to the other side, and I do not mean the blue side.

    I don't know which paper/news is truthful enough anymore. Probably, I should just stick to blogs.

  6. Oh yeah...I blog on similar issue. good work!

  7. I always wondered why I stopped reading the newspaper and watch local news. Now I know why. (I have a tendency of doing things without knowing exactly why I do it.) I just get so sick of seeing news that just tell one side of the story. It's always politicians bashing each other. For once, they need to stop thinking that their own party is right and consider the opposition's thoughts a bit. Sadly for them, no matter how much they control the media, it just make them look worse. Our mind's made up and there's no stopping us.

  8. agree with you..malas mok maca news lately..crita ya jak jak!!

  9. Can't wait for it all to end... Even my Facebook wall is infested with all kinds of links, usually the other side of the story. After all the sound and fury...when all the dust has settled,all that remains is the sawdust and the litter. Nothing much would have changed - like after the last by-election in Sibu...despite the vote for change. Life goes on...

  10. Ivynana: sik pande indah... makanya jak selalu ngerepak. hahaha. jom.

    Tiq: :-) that is also a comment.

    Arief: uh-huh. biased, hypocrite, unreal. even those so-called reality shows are not so real. there is no so-called freedom in this thing

    Fina Sophie: Thank you. :-)

  11. Cyril: TV3? what about TV1 and Tv2? theyre the same. All these papers are just telling the nice-looking front. who can blame them. I should just stick to blogs too. at least some of those are unbiased opinions.

    Willie: you did? haha. kelak singgah

    Christine: thats right. give equal measures to eash side, after all ur the media. those jobs r not so glamorous anymore. politicians bashing is the most hilarious.

  12. Mamasita: yalah ku madah. kelak abis election, lalu sikda apa agik

    Suituapui: I cant wait either. sigh... i dont even have time


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