Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life without Google ...

The next best thing after coffee 3-in-1.

Guitar tabs. Country latest hits. Coffee recipes. Directions. Distance between two points. Lat/longs. Stalk the exes. Look for high school buddies. Tiny dresses. Multicoloured tanktops. Actors and actresses database. Home remedy. Diet fast solution. Places to see in New Zealand. Other alternatives to fly to Glasgow. Presidencies. Sex videos of local politicians. Addresses. Kitchen cabinets. Bedroom designs. Cheap apartments. Tuition online. Tshirt designs. Chats. Emails. Blogs. Networking. Matchmaking. Drama classes. Explore the globe. Definitions. Dictionaries. Thesaurus. Translator. Etc etc etc...

It is in short, my 411.

I can't imagine my life without it. Can you?


  1. No google...use yahoo search engine. huhu...

  2. I like google too...everything at your fingertips.

  3. The irony is Yahoo was the first search engine, and now they are almost unknown by many.

    Google, you rock!

  4. Life without Google.. so back to square one laa.. makei Yahoo gik. Boring eh huhu..

  5. Marry me Google !!! hehe

    Have a fab weekend dayung !! Happy Easter !

  6. Ivynana: haha... aok! my 103 la, kalau di Malaysia.

    Ms Tikot: ya kan, tapi yahoo search engine nampak serabut juak

    suituapui: ya kan? you search anything pun mesti ada result. its soo convenient.

    Cyril: yes... 15 tahun dolok kamek selalu makei Lycos, time ya pun famous juak before google took over.

    FnF: yalah boring kan? tedah yahoo.

    Tiq: hahaha! marry me indah. haha. Happy Easter to you too.

  7. definitely can't live without it...
    one of my precious resource of information and entertainment...

  8. Sex videos of local politicians. Impossible without the internet. LOL.

  9. syaftome: yes, mine too. sigh... mun sikda, camne nak kah.

    Reeyau: hahaha. yes i tried to search, and sooo many turned up! amazing!


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