Sunday, April 17, 2011

In life and death ...

What do you say in a moment like this? When you can't find the words to tell it like it is?

A childhood friend just lost her husband today. When she had lost all hope of ever marrying a decent guy, she found him right under her nose. It was a love match and anybody could see how happy she was. They were married last November, and that would officially make it less than a year. He was not a very fit person, but she knew that when she married him. A week ago, he went for a monthly medical check-up but this time, something about his look made the doctor detained him for further observation. That same night he fell into a coma. This morning, he died without even saying good bye. She is 6 months pregnant.

How do you go on from there?

When I picked up the phone and received the news, the first thing that came to my mind was the image of her beautiful smile looking up at the face of the man who stole her heart, on their wedding day. All hopeful looks. All bright future. Her prayers answered. His too. They moved away to start a new life together. I didn't hear from them again until that day.

Did you think it was fair for her world to come crashing down, just like that? I could almost feel her heart broken again and again. And then I remembered feeling every time I broke up with my beloved, it felt as if my world has ended or that I felt like dying. Mere drama, emotional stuffs. But while a relationship can be mended, death cannot be altered. What I felt is nothing compared to what she must be feeling. Not even close. Nothing is fair in this world. Those who cheated on their spouses, those who got divorced, those who are separated, those lived-in lovers... I asked myself, why does it have to happen to them, to her?

There is always a reason for everything. But you just don't say that to a weeping person. The best you can do is get on your knees and weep on her behalf.

Here's dedicated to the loving memory of her husband. I don't know you well enough, but you brought happiness to my friend's life. Whatever God's design in this, I pray she will soon learn to know and accept it.

 Someone is keeping watch over us.


  1. Sebak rasa dada ku. Try to spend more time with her yoh.

  2. Wow...tragic end..sapa ya? DO i know any of them

  3. From Him we Him do we return

  4. Oh... :(

    Sending her comfort, prayers, strength and peace.

  5. Ivynana: ku hanya mampu sms dan call jak. yoh di KL. :-(

    Uncle Seven: sik u kenal, kawan sekolah ku.

    Wan Sharif: sigh... life and death is in the hands of God.

    Tiq: thank you. :-)

  6. Death comes like a thief in the night... A friend went to be done night with her hubby and when she woke up in the morning, he had passed away in the night. Live life meaningfully, do good always and be good...and it will not matter when we may have to go.

  7. Suituapui: so true. the most painful suffering is not being able to have a closure.

  8. such a heartbreaking story... ;__;
    really can't imagine the life without my husband even though we argue a lot. Apatah lagi your friend who was deeply in love and in a good term with her beloved. :(
    All the best & prayers for her...Be strong!

  9. Mrs Ichiban: i know right? its so sad, and they just got married. Orang yg dah bergerek lamak pun mun dah breakup, pun dah sakit. apatah lagi baru berkahwin kan. :(


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