Friday, April 1, 2011

I am April Blogger of the Month ... you all ...

(Halt! Mental escape for a while... while the boss is out. Sempat!)

It is APRIL already people. Dang! but the months just keep on coming. Felt like February was just yesterday. And soon it will be June. Sigh.

Ok back. I got a delightful surprise today. Yours truly has been picked as Blogger For the Month of APRIL 2011 by Sarawak Blogger. My mood shot from groggy to chirpy within seconds. What drug. To think that something as small as that could brighten up my whole day. Even that pile of paperwork on  my desk and numerous other tasks in my head seemed bearable somehow. And I haven't even had coffee! Imagine that.

BUT. I am humbled. Totally. Because I don't deserve it. You know what this means, don't you? This means
  1. I must try harder to make myself understood between those lines I wrote. Because not all people read the same. And not all feel the same. Being misunderstood is so frustrating, particularly on a sensitive subject. And there are 2 reasons how that can happen: One, the reader is confused. Two, the writer is. But then again, sometimes people tend to purposely misunderstood you. Yes. What is with that?
  2. I must stay here indefinitely in this domain because I love my readers. I know I know, I ranted about the whole idea of a blog is about being written and not about being read. -- Ok I quoted that from a movie. Take a wild guess. It has Amanda Bynes in it. -- But then, you know, if nobody reads you, still, what is the point? Half the fun is getting comments. And the other half is collecting your own circle of network. No matter how tiny the circle is. Quality over quantity.
  3. I must find time to join these activities organised by Sarawak Blogger. They are all so noble, good and sometimes just for fun... but in this line of work, I find I hardly even have time for myself. Sigh. Wish I have a duplicate. But if you do have time, do join them. All these networking activities like the Tomorrow Leader's Summit, PC with some big shot, etc, ... that is something beneficial to you. It's not everyday you meet Puan Sri Ragad you know. :-)
  4. I have a reputation to keep. Just like everyone else.
  5. I must keep up appearance. Like I said before, I truly admire those who constantly do.
And oh, I must congratulate Sarawak Blogger ... you capture me so well in that short description. I went "WTH, this person knows more about me than I know myself!". Lol. Talk about character profiling. I didn't say you're 100% accurate, but I would give you the benefit of the doubt. You should be in CSI. Now who's the better writer?

Ok .... Get back to work! State Election is looming. All eyes will be on Sarawak. I feel the chill, don't you?

Happy April everyone!


  1. Congrats dearie!!! keep it on!

    I do admit that your blog is one of the best to read :)

  2. Congrats from the bottom of my heart.. envy! envy!

  3. Congrats dearie! yerRrr sama geng dah kita tok ehehe XD

  4. yeah!! saya menang power root! hahaha

    tahniah...wp ktk jrang update.but entry2 ktk for thought.

  5. Emilia: Thank you dearest. :-) jenguk la lagi.

    Wan Sharif: Thank you. No need envy, youre a winner in your own right. :-)

    FnF: Thank you! yerR... sama level gang haa .. XD

    V: aih power root? haha! thank u dear. yalah selalu sikda idea dan masa nak menghupdate. kitak pun apa kurangnye.

  6. Kupi March 2011 you April 2011...macam ada magnet aja kita2...hehehehehe

  7. wah best nya ktk.tahniahh.
    entry ktk semua best.kmk suka baca.tahniah! :)

    p/s: ktk pernah madah, kita sik kenal.ce citer ce citer? haha

  8. Congratulations, and keep on writing!!

    Oh, iboh close blog agik ho? hehehe

  9. Tia: Thank u dayung! :-)

    GD: Babe magnet. haha. Jom kopi nunggu u..

    Hani: mak seh dek. :-) Ai nang dekat. Baca gik blog, banyak sekali mek engkah clue sine kamek. haha. kitak sik concentrate nak, ya la sik nemu clue2nya. haha

    Cyril: Thank you. :-) Hehe sik lah. Nok dolok ya Google ya blocked kan, ku sik voluntarily block.

  10. Keep it up sis.. True what cyril said, don't close close lahh :D

  11. btw, did you meet my husband this week?

  12. Ida: :-) Thank you dearest. No, wont close in a long while.

    p/s: aok, sidak gi ofis mek org meeting project. hehe. I asked "How is Ida?" ahaha. His boss said "Ida ajak ditanyaknya.." haha

  13. congrats, and dont be burdened by the expectations.
    just chill and do your thing.
    good luck!


  14. MarlyMarble: Gracias!

    PrisCiella: Thanks! :-)

    Arief: and thank you! roger that. XD

  15. Congrats dayung, of cos you deserve it :)

  16. Congrats!! kena update everyday lah ni,hehehhe...

  17. Ivynana: thank u! thank u! :-)

    Luciana: yalah kan. haha. thank u!

    Willie: Gracias!! :-)

  18. congrats dinah...:)

  19. Congrats CG!!! You deserved it.. :-)

  20. woih dayung !! congrats !!! woot ! woot ! baruk jak aku away for one week byk kejadian sungguh ! hehe and this is so awesome dayung !!!
    cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Tiq: thanks dayung! hahaha. u missed out on the news. sila la balik mengundi yer... hehe


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