Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Groggy ...


All I wanna do is have some fun. I wanna sleep late, wake up late, have late morning breakfast at McD, stroll around town in baggies without makeup and hair do and looking my worst, drive out to the seaside and hang out at the beach, flirt with some foreigners and exchange friendly banters, enjoy a country live band at a bistro with my chilled coffee late into the night, catch up on online chats with people who can't sleep like me, and go to bed feeling exhausted like I've done a whole day's worth of work simply doing nothing. Dream on...

Oh God... I need one now.

And that's only the first day of coming back to work post-election. What an anti-climax. It's a good thing THAT CERTAIN PARTY won 2/3 majority, otherwise some of us would've thrown a humongous tantrum for working our assess off but ended up in vain. Phew. Although I won't mind so much if they lose a little. Besides, you can't improve if you don't have a worthy opponent, right? Although a first hand experience showed me some people really played dirty and would stoop to anything to win. But that's on your hands, people. Truth will prevail. So anyway...



  1. harlu..harlu..harlu! =0).
    kmk dtg berjarah ke situk =0).
    wah!yaman upa aek dlm gmbr ya...neskepey aes ka? ;0).

  2. jom take a day off and stroll ...hahaha. dont tell anybody coz once they know, habis!!

  3. Now,go and lepak and ease your tired mind,body and soul y a

  4. if the image is of any indication ..you sure need a lot of rest! not sure having too much coffee with improve your situation though ;))

  5. apply leave..dtg KL sitok..raun² kita kelak.... :)

  6. Vivi: harluu! :-) kopi ais, bukan neskape. sedap aiehh

    Tia: haha... once they know, abis u tukang jd despatch la driver la... nang sibk boleh nanga kita lengang sikit kan? Jom mama!

    Eugene: oh yes, planning to, next month. Jauh lagi ... sigh.

    Wan shariff: lol... iced coffee will make me smile all day irregardless.

    Ivynana: Yup! *cross fingers*

    Tiq: In May, hopefully. ahh KL, kota penuh kekalutan dayung. is it a good idea?

  7. Milk in coffee makes me sleepy - I only take coffee black. Come, come to Sibu for the Easter weekend and relax a bit...and enjoy the food here.


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