Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Bunny has nothing to do with Easter...

In fact, it's just the world's way of confusing the truth so that kids and grown ups alike will not remember the real reason we celebrate Easter.

Why a bunny? What has it got to do with Jesus? Here's the answer: Nothing.

But a little explanation on how that probably came about: The Pagans celebrated the Goddess Oestra, the goddess of fertility. She was celebrated in Spring, being the time of year that everything came to life in the fields. Eggs and rabbits were early symbols of fertility. When the Catholic church wanted to bring in the pagans they adopted many of the pagan symbols and celebrations to entice them. The goddess was linked to Mary (a link you could think of being the giver of life). The eggs and bunnies just came along for fun. And no one can even explain where the Easter Egg come from other than if you relate it with the Chicken-and-Egg story. And some even say that the bunny was the first to see Jesus being resurrected. So, you got all that from a bunny who relate the news, right? Wrong.

If you're a Christian and if you ever go to Sunday School, you'd know the real Easter story. The Bunny has nothing to do with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just like Santa Claus has nothing to do with the Birth of Jesus Christ either. But I'm not here to tell you the story of the Resurrection. I'm here to tell you it is not Biblical. In fact, rabbits all over the world would be appalled that you would even use them that way ... If they could talk, ie.

If you have to relate something to the death and resurrection of Jesus, relate it with the Cross, that would be more than relevant. Relate it with Crown of thorns. Relate it with The Last Supper. Relate it with Nails and Blood. Relate it with Golgotha. Relate it with Calvary. Relate it with the Sacrificial Lamb. Relate it with an Empty Tomb.

So, on that note, I wish all Christians all over the world: 
Happy Easter Sunday!


  1. Yeapp~! I agree with u. =) BTW, thanks for being my follower. dadyana : CF is following me! my roomy : she will follow u if u follow her. AWW~! thankss :))

  2. Thanks for sharing this my friend.

    Happy Easter to you too dayung. Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Fiona: Happy Easter!

    Dadyana: Thanks for being my follower too. :-) Happy Easter!

    Tiq: You're welcome. Happy Easter dayung!!!

  4. Yep...

    It's good to have somoen remind the rest over these small little things. It's like the Christmas tree and Santa which are not actually big deals when it comes to Christmas...

    and dont get me tarted on Valentine's day which is not even marked in the church calender, but some people associate it like we celebrate it in church..

  5. Blessed Easter to you! The power of media and commercialism has turned the believe upside down. But Jesus is greater than that!

  6. Cyril: hahaha... do get started on Valentine's day. that is a never ending story and very misconceived. by people who dont understand or think they understand Christianity. tsk tsk tsk... Happy Easter!

    Reeyau: Happy Easter to you too. Yes so true. it is our duty to teach our kids otherwise.

  7. Sorry. This is a bit late. Huhu . Wish u a Happy Easter too. Still in Easter mode . XD . Thanks for following my humble blog too. Nice thoughts & views. :D


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