Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whinier than thou...

Ok here goes...

I have actually written many entries prior to this, and ended up saving them as drafts. The thing is, I have so many things I wanted to say, but when I click 'New Post' and the blank page opens up before me, I became it - blank. Writer's block, do you think? That's what happens when you consume too much coffee and exercise less... the caffeine goes into your bloodstream rendering you perpetually awake, full of spit, and occasionally ramble meaninglessly. 

I admire all you other bloggers who are capable of blogging about every single thing under the sun, everyday or every other day. I struggle to even make myself worth a read. That coupled with a lot of work-related stuff ... I simply can't focus. Sigh.

What an exhausting week!

I physically moved out of my cubicle of 1 year and 5 months... onto another workstation. Practically isolated, literally an island, and feeling neglected. I'm in a room all by myself. And it's not an elated position ... it's segregation. Yes that's it. So I can be near the store. Eh? People make ridiculous demands sometimes. And as a person dictated by the law of my own hands in that piece of Surat Aku Janji that I signed along with the rest, I have to comply. (In English would be what... "I Pledge"? Doesn't sound right).

*shouts* For King and Country!

However, that is beside the point. Not supposed to blog about work. *zipped*

Not supposed to complain either. *zipped*

Just supposed to follow, like lamb to the slaughter.

*shouts* For King and Country! 

Aha! There you see? At least I managed to blog entirely about nothing! Ha ha!

*shouts* For King and Country!


  1. For King and Country!
    Mcm org mok pegi berperang jak :)
    Retreat, Hell!

  2. yeah...
    i do believe about writer's block...heee...

    and yes...
    i respect those who can write everyday...huuu...

  3. OMG.. I'm soooo feeling for you..everytime I see something interesting, I'd feel like blogging. and that "something interesting" is almost everyday. but everyday-also I'm caught up with tiredness. nak buka laptop pun dah sekian(hahah.. so sarawakian!), whatmore to blog...

    such sad kan?...2011 baru jak 3 blog entry.. teruk sekali!

  4. I've been slacking too..hmmm tabik spring to those who update their blog everyday without fail. hehehe
    cheers lok !!

  5. mun sik mok blank...imagine something...then idea masyuk......

  6. Ivynana: ahaha... terpengaruh dgn LOTR sebab ku baru abis trilogy dlm masa setengah hari, for the umpteenth time!

    Syaftome: me too... susah nak cari inspirasi lately hoo...

    Dee Loner: sebab kitak gik honeymoon nak... hahaha. ai update gik mem!

    Tiq: cheers kopi lok! at least u ada juak seminggu 2 kali. suka la baca fesyen u ya...

    Uncle seven: imagine makan, imagine kerja, imagine tido, imagine rehat, lalu ilang balit idea... ney gayo tok uncle? :-)

  7. You're talking about me, eh? Every day...one post on anything under the sun. LOL!!! Keeps me working, I guess...old man, must stay mentally alert.

  8. suituapui: hehehe... not just you, everyone else yg rajin! u have my constant admiration. *thumbs up* ur not an old man... hehehehe

  9. I admire bloggers posting everyday too, but that does come at a problem. As a reader, i cant catch up.

    Oh well, if this is your 'blog about nothing'.. its fine, and interesting.

    Ur getting famous. My colleague likes your writings =)

  10. ya ya..i pun admire anyone yg sangat rajin update blog, some more can write few posts in a day *shaking head*

  11. Cyril: me too, i cant catch up. but i try to make time for it later. tapi lambat cerita sikit lah. haha. Thanks. Tell your colleague im flattered, but honoured. :-)

    Luciana: i tot ur one of them leh? haha. you pun rajin saya tengok. sigh.

  12. sama juak ngan kamek, sometime dah halfway molah entry end up..pande bersambung indah esok hari..

  13. Good sharing of your sentiments.Sometimes I experience the writer's block too.

  14. Mamasita: haha sambung minggu depan pun ada juak ...

    Sintaicharles: great minds think alike. :-)


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