Monday, March 14, 2011

Some stuffs you need to know about Coffee...

Did you know? At one point, coffee house was allegedly a terrorist domain once upon a paranoid time. In 1675, the King of England banned coffee houses, claiming they were places where people met to conspire against him.

And I bet you didn't know this: George Washington invented instant coffee!
No no, not George Washington, The President...

... But a Belgian man living in Guatemala by the name of George Washington Carver invented it in 1906. He was quite the famous scientist in his days, experimenting with plants and crops. 
And do you know what you drink when you order Espresso?
Espresso is not a particular type of bean, roast, or blend. It is in fact just a way that coffee is prepared: shooting pressurized, hot water through finely ground coffee. It is normally served with nothing else - for the hardcore coffee lover.

Pic courtesy of Kochbuchfotos.

That's all for today folks! I crave an Espresso suddenly...

Have a blast on Monday!!

NOTE: Sourced from The Oatmeal.Com. Thank you!


  1. Hi Coffee Girl, I just love my coffee.....5 glasses a day, last one just before going to bed, and all iced coffee.....Maxwell House rich blend, Instant.
    Very interesting this post. Never knew that.

    I am one of the few on this planet never stepped into Starbucks.
    For a cup there, I can buy 1 bottle of my Maxwell House.
    I love Columbian coffee too.....
    Aaaaa, first thing on a cold winter's morning, get that coffee, simply Heaven, ha ha.
    You have fun and keep well.

  2. Thank you for your visit at my abode.. you have a very interesting blog here and I will be following..

  3. All about piin kupi, kopi kapal api ok tak?

  4. errrk...hidu jak boleh pening..

  5. I'm a coffee lover myself. So getting to know this is pretty interesting hehehe..

    Kelak ku blt kuching, dtg rah BDC ku chia minum kopi hehe..

    Abt my tattoo, I did it in 2009. It's a japanese design on the shoulder and on my shoulder blade, resembling Mother Mary. :)

  6. cool!!! i`m a coffee lover too..!!

  7. Uncle Lee: 5 glasses a day? wow... ur hard to beat! I just googled Maxwell House coffee... looks delicious, never tried it tho. i bet they dont have this in Kuching, maybe in KL somewhere. i'll make a note to check it out. thanks!!

    Wan Sharif: thanks for revisiting. :-) Linked you!

    Ivynana: ok kah kopi kapal api? sik pernah try. best kah?

    V: Kitak minum teh jak... juh! Earl Grey ka, or just Lipton. hehe

    Tiq: glad to share. kelak ku dtg rah BDC, sine ada kedei kopi sia yg best? kopi kedei cina pun ok juak nak. haha. Abt the tattoo... is it like, painful? it looks big, pretty sexy tho... but to cover that span of skin is like... sik dpt ku imagine. brr...

    Luciana: hehehe. now i know a lot more coffee lovers out there...

  8. my mother taught me to drink coffee. hehehe. i used to rink coffee everyday. but now i have a mixed variety of drinks including tea, milk, milo and so on. No favorite drink by the way except tongkat ali. hahaha

  9. I'm learning to be your Barrister Dayung..

  10. kmk sik suka kopi.hee.sebab mek cepat bisa ujung ati entam nya.hahaha.mek teh, teh boh :P lipton jak.hehe

  11. Timmy: coffee go way back huh. Kopi tongkat ali kah? haha. bagus tu.

    GD: haha! Good good! i wait for my peverit kopi o!

    Hani: teh mayang? di serian ya... banyak kan. haha

  12. im a coffe lover..salu curik2 minum d blakang mak.ehehe

  13. Masz: Hahaha... kenak, mak sik nyuruh kah? tedah...

  14. last night...
    drank coffee at old town coffee...the spring...
    it was marvelloussss...heeee

  15. Syaftome: yakah? best! sik ajak aku. haha

  16. nang best koh...
    the best coffee i've had so far...heee...

    ps: nak cuba coffee kat kedai lain gik...

  17. Syaf: u sound like u've just discovered coffee... :-) hahahaha. tok mesti lekak leput dari Serian minggu ya tek. p/s: Kluang station pun coffee sik berapa best ko

  18. i guess so...
    mmg berbaloi minum kopi mahal...hehe...
    lebih2 lagik lepas penat bekerja...hehe...

  19. Syaf: ahahaha memang berbaloi! caya la beb! mun penat lepas kerja, bagus minum yg iced kaw kaw... biar segar sikit otak. jgn brain freeze sudah


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