Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some more stuffs about coffee... (cont)

(I'm bored. Indulge me.)

I bet you didn't know this: 

Before coffee was made into a drink, it was originally eaten. African tribes in the Ethiopia mixed coffee berries with grease (animal fat - I believe) which formed edible energy balls! Much like meat balls, except it's fully caffeinated! Imagine that... all those unstrung powers in one pebbly dose. Probably even looked like this...

Coffee Balls? Pic courtesy of Girl's Eye View

And here's another coffee terms 101:

The term 'Americano' originated from America GIs during WWII. They would order espresso with water to dilute the strong flavor. Apparently, those war machines can't handle their coffee. Oh I would never hose down my coffee... isn't that the point of drinking it in the first place?

Furthermore, the term 'cup of joe' comes from American servicemen (GI Joes) in WWII being seen as big coffee drinkers. Drink big but watered down. Nah... I win.

Wait... was there a 'Cup of Joe' in the local Starbucks menu? I don't recall. But there was an Americano, was there? I know there's a Tall Black... There's an excuse to go visit there again. Yeay.

Coming up... more on coffee useless information but interesting facts. Haha

NOTE: Sourced from The Oatmeal.Com. Thank you!


  1. My mum used to drink nothing else.. she made her own coffee powder (when she was a lil bit younger :)). I was her collaborator buying the bean .. looking at the fire when she was cooking the bean, pounding the coffee with her in the big wooden lesung..
    until one fine day we went to see a foot masseur.. reflexology.. the masseur told her that her ailment was due to the fact that she did not take enough plain water.. now she only take plain water..
    Take care... do take some plain water..

  2. I like my coffee black with 'Roti kepala lutut' that's what i called it.Better check with google 4 d picture....

  3. u nang suka coffee hoo dayung...dtg bdc kelak sikda la kedei kopi best sia..ada pun kedei cina jak ku mbak u, hope u dont mind ..ehehe..

    oh ..u must show me the thrift shops in kuching kelak k..ehehe

  4. im a coffee addicted.
    but then,since i was diagnosed gastric,
    i cant take coffee anymore.not only that,
    all caffeine product useless for just make the lining of my stomach more irritate.
    poor me -.-

  5. Wan Sharif: thanks for the info. i drink 3 third of plain water for every cup i take. :-) but i dont think coffee was the real reason, do u?

    Laylihamid: I googled, but no relevant picture. haha. only lutut yg keluar.

    Tiq: aok nang suka. kopi kedei cina pun ok juak bah. :-) ada 2 -3 jak thrift shop ku tauk, one of it is the salvation army. doing charity bah.

    Syafiqkarim: really? thats too bad. :-( so what do u take, tea? tea also ok i guess. sorry to hear that.


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