Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't push it ...

Got a bit of spare time today for an entry, despite this black hole in my head.

Religion is not my favourite topic, neither is faith, because I might offend some people without even meaning to. And you know how fast and furious we can get defending it. Sometimes so irrational, and stubbornly so, sometimes not willing to bend or listen to what other people are saying, and sometimes persistently insisting yours is right, mine is wrong, and vice versa. Bla bla bla.

And I quote: People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

We don't ram our opinions down each other's throats, do we? Anything more and we'll end up strangling each other.

Take coffee, for instance. I drink coffee. I like them, in fact I must have a cup every day. If you don't like them, keep silent. I do not make you drink them, did I? But do not condemn me for drinking them. Or others who do. Should I offer coffee to you and should you decline, I respect you. I would expect the same from you. Don't start preaching to me about coffee. You are not my doctor. And do not attempt to steer my mind towards your opinions. I thank you that you bothered. But do not be wise in your own eyes, for you might end up looking like a fool. You and me alike. Why can't we just sip our drinks - me with my coffee, you with yours - side by side without feeling the need to be hostile? 


p/s: By impounding the Bible, and insisting the adherence of policy makers, the federal government is sending a message. Learn to read the gestures.


  1. I tried to find the 'LIKE' button, but there was none. Serious shit written here.. and I love the comparison. You should be a teacher for making good examples over simple things! Imagine how students can easily understand.

    Love this post. Tabik spring!!!


  2. bah...lum habis gik kes tok...okok..udah-udah gik. chill..baca Sharon Page lok ;)

  3. Good am.m dear !! Totally agree with you on this.

    I can't promise you a date during my stay balit tok kelak. Because my schedule is pack plus I have to 'babysit'..hehe..anyways, please email me your no eh.

  4. eh..ada gik ka sis? kmk ada a very2 best friend non-muslim..we do respect each other..i dont mind sending her to church every sunday and waiting her at kfc saujana. coz we want shopping together after that..she always advised me what wrong or right [coz she know a bit my religious point of view - since she love to read malay novel..hahahaha] for us... you with your religion..me with my religion..but we still can sleep together..eat together..play together.. nothing wrong with that..but i dont understand why people still shallow minded nowadays.

    i'm so frustrated.. huhuhu i;m feel guilty with your condition...

  5. Aih eh... belum habis gik cerita tok. Mbak relax bah.

  6. I like tea and coffee... anything sweet for that matter.. although I do promote moringa but yet to promote the beneficial green moringa tea..
    and I like to share views.. hopefully I have not ram any of my views down anyone's throat.:)

  7. Cyril: Thank you man. And now, you have a LIKE button. :-) too late to go into teaching now, dont u think?

    Ivynana: Part 2...lom abis, selaginya ada disebut di sine2 dan direport, selagi ya nya sik abis ko... :-)

    Tiq: oh thats ok. if not this trip, there will be many other trips here or there. right? and thanks.

    V: yes, shallowminded. macam makin tinggi sekolah dan makin maju, makin cetek pemikiran oo. Kamek pun rami kawan baik Muslim, sikda juak tragis kedak ya. syukur kita tok di Sarawak, toleransi masih sangat membanggakan.

    MsTikot: ney nak molah mun lom abis nak. sigh...

    Wan sharif: moringa? its not the view sharing thats the problem, its forcing your views on other people without compromising. and not hearing all sides before passing judgment. u know... :-) You didnt ram any views down. :-))

  8. nicely said. if only people could understand. sigh

  9. Cuba Udah Gik.... bukan kita ada kuasa ngubah ya! Aku jauh2 tok susah ati nangga keadaan negara kita eh. Minum coffee tok CG kat Siburan kelak bulan 6 tok..Confirm ada gossip baru dari Malaysia...ku mok melayan kolo mee jua.

  10. wow salute,very good reminder !!!

  11. well said..nice analogy..=) keep on posting this kind of entry..there are lots of people who still do not know how to respect others' religion, as well as believe.. those who practice ethnocentrism also need to read stuff like this..

  12. Arief: sigh... if only. there wont be any wars.

    GD: mun sik kuasa pun, pakei logik jak lah. ok set. i nunggu u balit jak.

    Luciana: Thanks. :-) self reminder oso.

    WindchillJay: Thanks. a lot, of many backgrounds. *sad* Thanks for visiting. :-)

  13. nicely said.linked this post on my fb,hope u dun mind;)

  14. Fiona: Hi. Thank you. No problem. Sila kan. :-) Thanks for dropping by.

  15. Ur welcome CG.Thx once again.hey,thx 4 dropping by at my place too!Added the follow button ord.Thx 4 reporting it.Dropped it as i changed to a new template recently.:)

  16. Fiona, followed you already. :-)


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