Friday, March 4, 2011

Bleed ... Pt 1

Do you know that if you have tattoos or ear/body piercing or acupuncture within 12 months before, you are not allowed to donate blood? Or if you have stayed in the UK and Europe during 1980 to 1996?  I know the logic behind the first, I'm not so sure about the second. Does anyone, perchance, know?

My friend Clive has been nudging me to accompany him to the blood bank. And so today at lunchtime, what the heck... I am planning to bleed for a good cause. This will be my second time after 12 years. He has been steadily doing it once in 3 months.

I'm not sure if I'm well prepped up for this as I was a bit emo last night and thus didn't get the required 5 hours sleep prior. And I think I ate shrimps around 8pm at dinner... but I made that up with midnight detox tea and lemon juice. And this morning ... well... just Milo and fibrous biscuits as I read somewhere that caffeine (coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages) are to be avoided entirely. Note that I am clearly following my own logic with this. I exercised quite regularly and my cholesterol level is stable, last time I checked. And my libido is well, let's not talk about that although it did mention in there as part of the check-list.

Clive told me the people who will be doing the bleeding are called blood technicians. And they're licensed to harvest your fluid much like organ harvesters are licensed to collect organs from organ donors. Ah it's all so clear now.

Now, if you think that donating blood will make you gain weight... Bull. You only need to know how to counter your fluid loss in a healthy and controlled manner. Well it does kinda make your appetite increase, and not just appetite for food. Now I know how a vampire and its victim feels like. But if you're afraid of blood or needles, you just have to get over your fears in your own time.

Listen to this important donation fact message: Giving blood will not decrease your strength. Not giving a thought to someone who needs blood, well, that's just plain weak.

How about you join me today at lunchbreak at the Blood Bank? Half-mad and dying to be a heroin ... before I change my mind. Wish me luck!



  1. kmk teringin mok derma kmk sik ckup syarat..berat sik ckup...hahahaha

    mun masa ya..ada penyakit or imun sik brapa kali nak..kmk pernah juak dgr pasal ya...

  2. hi, nice to know u..thanks for sharing this.

  3. Vivian: sama lah...kmk pun berat sik cukup.

  4. kmk suka derma darah. asak ati mek nangga darah ngaler msk lam beg ya. hehehe

  5. kmk nak kata derma darah, darah diripun gik mala rendah.haha..mek sik cukup berat..kurus gilak kali.haha :P

  6. Kamek teringin nak derma darah. Tapi bila nangga jarum nok besar cam gajah ya...alu kensel jak la niat murni kamek ekekekee...

  7. Donate organs instead. I've signed up... Have you =)

    Oh ya, I hate needles.. hehehe

  8. Vivian: aok, mun ada penyakit or baru ambik immunisation, jangan dolok. tambah berat gik. haha

    Luciana: ur welcome. :-)

    Marlymarble: haha... jeles mek eh. mek berat terlebih cukup dah. haish...

    ztie: untung dunia tok ada manusia kedak kitak... kamek pun excited jak nanga darah ya.

    Hani: hahaha sama juak kitak... tambah gik makan nun!

    FnF: kahkahkah.. penakut juak kitak duhal ooo. kamek excited nanga jarum ya. boleh sik kedak ya? haha

    MsTikot: sik eh... mula2 kedak gigit nyamuk jak. lepas ya masa darah mengalir, sikda sedar pun.

    Cyril: I dont hate needles, i dont love em either, but im not scared of them. lol. where do u sign up as organ donor?

  9. The UK thing - I think that was when they found out about the Mad Cow disease. They wouldn't want the recipients to go hopping mad, I guess. LOL!!! KL Blood Bank? I've a friend there - his name is Mubarak. Say hi if you bump into him...

  10. Suituapui: really? that was it, the mad cow disease? ohhh ok. Kuching Blood Bank. :-) but if i do bump into Mubarak i will let him know. :-)


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