Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A thought on Faith...

... Just feeling slightly out of sorts.

I shall not make an entry about Valentine's Day because I'm sure whatever I will say, and I have a lot I would like to say, will probably offend some people. Or even if it's not offensive in its intention, some will still find something about it to make it so. The world has changed drastically overnight. Making a mountain out of a molehill, to say the least.

I kind of felt the same like the time when I read about a church was burned somewhere. I didn't take offense in that, instead I wept. Because the implication in that was unmistakable. This also brought back the dreadful feelings of tragedy looming when people started joining or inviting others to join hate groups in Facebook over small matters, a year plus ago.That alone almost made me revoke my account, but unfortunately you can only deactivate, and not delete altogether.

Faith and religion are two very different things. Godly people and religious people are two very different things. One is an institution, the other a merit of a belief. I can believe in God and not belong to any religion. I can have a religion without actually believing in God. Basic English. Basic knowledge.

You can say my religion is false or my belief is unfounded or my faith is wrong. I can say the same about yours. But we won't because we respect each other enough to give it a rest. That time will come when each will be made to defend it against the other, but that day is not here yet, but it's close. There are many faiths in this world, there are more than just the major two.

My religion is what I put down in paper forms. My faith and my belief are what I hold true when I pledge my allegiance to my God. How people show their allegiance is their responsibility and their own accountability. We will be judged accordingly someday. Using Whose measure? Not man-made, that's for sure.

I only know mine says to draw near unto Him and He will draw near unto me ... in as little as a verse that means so much deeper than that.

Do you ever wonder someday, when we die, and we all will, and when we stand before our Creator, that after all that is said and done, that we actually made the right choice?

Don't be offended. Just a thought. :-)


  1. Pendapat Coffee Girl tentang kepercayaan beragama seolah-olah CF masih tercari-cari dan kurang pasti.....cuba dalami ilmu agama untuk mendapatkan kepastian, buat perbandingannya, pasti akan ketemu agama yang benar!InsyaAllah

    p.s. ada pesanan di blog Arief

  2. Teratai: tak, saya sangat pasti kepercayaan saya. Yang saya tak pasti tu, orang lain. Baca lagi, yang tersirat. Tapi terima kasih kerana singgah. :-)

    p/s: ada pesanan di blog Arief. *Arief, jangan marah*

  3. Its up to u, saya sudah menjalankan tanggungjawab saya sebagai seorang Islam...hopefully terbuka hati CF untuk mendalami Islam.

  4. Teratai: terima kasih atas pesanan ikhlas. :-) Shall I say, likewise?

  5. very wise words Coffee Girl. I agree with what you say, and that does not mean I am unsure of my faith & religion. I know my religion, and I believe its among the best ever, but out of respect toward others... I don't go around asking people to join in when I see they are loosing faith/unsure of their religion.

    I actually wonder why sometimes some people always misread or do not understand what has been said, and yet dare to make remarks by condemning or saying others should follow them =)

    I believe fauth and religion is not to be forced onto. When you do something, it should always be 'ikhlas'... and that's why I only go to church when I feel I want to because there's no point of me going if I feel I am forced too. The Church also wants people to be sincere in their actions, not hypocrites.

    Just my two cents. No harm i hope.

  6. Cyril: there goes another wise words. Forcing anything will just backfire. I've always believe that in the end the truth will prevail. and this goes to faith and religion as well, especially those two. and thanks for the two cents. :-)

  7. It's freedom to choose....there is no force in it! The truth will come on the last day...Those who believes in Him should be safe. I'm thinking of the movie Armageddon... as Miss world always says "World Peace"

  8. I like this post... :)

    True enough....

  9. The world has become complicated and people follow suit making it become a mess as we human tend to make mistake. If people are able to respect each other more and are not egoistic i do believe the world will once again be a better place to live.

    p/s : About the facebook thing, you can actually delete the account. i done it a few times already. he he he

  10. i like ur post coffee girl..
    i agree with u cyril..do something with sincerity..

  11. Nimi: Thank you. :-)

    GD: World Peace. *flashing the V sign*

    Amiey: Thank you girl. :-)

    TimmyLicious: my sentiments exactly. And no I tried too, I cant. It just deactivated. But when you attempt to sign in using the same ID, it will reactivate. do you know something i dont? show me! :-) and thanks for visiting.

    Lia: thanks. I like yours too (read yours and left a trace. :-)) Thank you for visiting!

  12. to CG n ur friends,
    tidak ada paksaan dalam Islam, jika CG n kawan2 betul2 memahamai Islam. Islam mempercayai kitab2 Allah yg diturunkan melalui Nabi Isa AS (Injil),Nabi Musa AS(Taurat),Nabi Daud AS(Zabur) dan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W (Al Quran)...ini dinamakan Agama Allah!

    Kitab suci injil yang saat ini dijadikan kitab suci oleh kaum nasrani / kristen katolik & protestan sangat berbeza dengan injil yang diwahyukan kepada nabi Isa AS semasa hidupnya untuk kaumnya. Oleh sebab itu datang Al-Quran untuk menjadi penyempurna seluruh kitab suci yang pernah ada.

    Utk keterangan lanjut sila baca link ini

    Kitab Suci Allah

    p.s~semoga mendapat hidayah dari Allah...amin.

  13. Teratai: Hi again. Please do not make this about your religion. I would be the first to tell you that what you know is what you have been told or taught in your faith from a child. Do you ever wonder if perhaps you could be wrong? Just like you think mine is? Every word in the Bible is inspired by God Himself, and i believe so. Please do not think I doubt that for a minute.

    Shall I give you links, if you bother to open them, on how I could easily refute your talks? But then, you will probably be more offended. And i dont want that. :-)

    p/s: now why do you feel a need to be defensive? I am not trying to convert you at all.

    And p/s: Saya berbesar hati dengan pandangan dan perhatian dan minat cik. Tak tersinggung atau marah pun. :-)

  14. It is a saddening fact, in history, yet we all never learn: 1) religion divided people 2) religion caused irreparable destruction 3) religion orchestrated hate/evil (how ironic)

    I urge people to look beyond religion, and start believing in humanity. Instead of focusing and stressing on what separates us, start finding common ground, and similarities amongst different culture/religion that we can unite one another, and walk hand in hand to make this world a better place.

    The choice is ultimately ours, whatever belief, faith or religion we have: to kill or not to kill? to hate or not to hate?

    God or no God, or whatever different God there is, all humans have: 1) heart 2) soul 3) capacity to love. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.

    Can we all just stop already?

    It is sickening to see ignorant people trying to spread their religion as if they are so high and mighty and talk down on people as if they are not worthy just because of difference in religious/faith views.

  15. Robin: That's exactly it, which is why religion and faith r 2 very different things. Thank you for the comforting words. Wise. You know, sadly, if only everybody thinks that way, there wud be world peace. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind indeed. *Robin, where's your link? Thanks for visiting*

  16. Got here through Cyril's blog. I can be found at http://robinwong.blogspot.com

    I will be stalking your blog from now on ehehehehhe

  17. Great one. Sekarang apa pun boleh dijadikan isu, dulu perebutan 1 perkataan, sekarang isu 1 hari, esok lusak..isu negara pulak..

    Apa pun Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you, and Thanks for being such a great friend :)

  18. Hi CG,

    tq kerana prihatin CG tentang komen saya ini. Saya sering membincangkan isu-isu ini dengan kawan2 saya (kristian n budha/hindu),mereka menerimanya dengan hati terbuka...cuba memahami agama masing2!... supaya tidak timbul konklik apabila sesuatu sambutan/peristiwa diraikan! Mereka tahu apabila berkaitan kepercayaan agama, pasti simbul sensitiviti jika kita tidak memahaminya!

    No wonder, your view of V Day berbeza dengan saya...

    Any way, nice to be friend with you..:)

  19. Ivynana: Thank you! apa2 ja boleh jadi isu sekarang. and Happy belated Valentine to u too. Thanks for being such a great friend as well.

    Teratai: When you talk about understanding, sensitivity, religion ... I dont know who you're trying to assure more, me or yourself. Here's a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and repeat to yourself what you have just told me :-)

  20. Hi CG,

    Jangan risau CG, saya tahu siapa saya! Terima kasih kerana ambil berat tentang ini...:)

  21. Suka mek baca entri kitak tok. Tiada paksaan dalam beragama. So, mari kita sama2 minum kopi juhh! cia mek kopi lok juhh! huhu...

  22. Coffee Girl, well put !

    How was your weekend? Ok, off topic I know..hehehe
    saja nanyak kabar..

  23. Nice.. sharing yr thoughts in my FB.. :-)

  24. V day is just a cultural celebration like any cultural celebrations, for an example Gawai Dayak! Nothing to do with the religion. We celebrate it because it's a bit special day. By the way, we celebrate V day with our couples & also with family members.

    Regarding religion, we have the freedom to choose which religion we want to go to. Understanding other religions are good as we can get to know their belief. But somehow, there are groups who like to condemn other people religions & limitize their freedom to profess the religions that they are comfortable with. We can tolerate these groups but until when! We need to let them know our rights. I believe, all religions are good but again I will say it's us to choose which religion that we like most....A piece of my mind...Anyway Happy Love to you all...Everybody I share my loves for those who loved me! No WAR, WORLD PEACE....

  25. Teratai: Peace. TQ. Still respecting your opinions. We play fair, yeah? :-)

    FnF: Juh mek cia. sine, Setarbaks? kopibin? Kluang station? Ipohtown?

    Tiq: weekend was awesome, or whats left of it after monday was squandered and sullified. Otherwise, fine! Yours tek? u balik kuching nak? dah balik kl gik tek? :-)

    Rose: thanks. whats ur FB tek?

    GD: yeah, some do, some dont, if you dont feel like it. but i dont stop those who does. freedom of expression, right? :-) Thanks GD, for your thoughts. Happy Love to u too.

  26. biasalah malaysians, when any issues regarding religion/race pops up, everybody starts to talk big and act like they know everything while in fact they know nothing.
    everybody thinks they are right.

    the only way is just to believe in what you believe. people can say a lot of stuffs, but how right are they? only God knows.

    oh btw, i think that it is kinda inappropriate to 'berdakwah' here in the comments section.
    to whom it may concern, pls, respect others.

    now, let's enjoy a cuppa, shall we?

  27. Arief: ah finally you are here. :-) you do realise you r now quite famous, both good and bad, depending on who's reading. yes how right anyone is, only God knows. Ntah dari mana datang sesi berdakwah tu. But if I havent told you already, lemme say you continuously impressed me with your level of maturity in this, unlike certain quarters. *applause*

    Come, coffee on me everyone!

  28. Hi Din ! finally I am here too..sik ku berani komen too sensitive hehe..anyway, you keep well and hold true to whatever you believe in..long black coffee for me plz !

  29. Kak Midah: Lamak na menyepi, mentang2 sik berblog agik. hehe. thank you. to each her own. bila gik kopi tek?

  30. thanks also for visiting my blog ..

  31. eh..eh..lambat cerita kmk tok..hehe

    erk..kmk percaya setiap agama nyuruh umat utk berbuat baik..

    cuppa! [errkkk wp kmk sikpat minum...tea!! jak la]

  32. Vivian: haha. ya la kitak suka ngabas pusak ktk ajak, jarang2 ngabas kamek. sikhal. and thank you! minum teh jak lah oo, kamek bancuh kopi jak.

  33. u are one smart girl. love the way u handle the responses ;)

  34. Nimi: i aspire to be in CSI one day. eh, apa kaitan? haha. thanks mami. :-)

  35. nice posting...di tunggu entri berikutnya

    thnkx for visiting my blog..^^

  36. Raf-Jitsu: thanks, and thanks for visiting mine too. :-) entri berikutnya sudah masuk.. Silalah datang lagi.


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