Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Morning delight...

(I don't approve of credit cards, but this could be an exception. Don't believe me? Try lah)

What's a Saturday without indulgence? I woke up feeling hungry. Oh wait, I always wake up feeling hungry. For food. That probably explains the cute curves which refuses to angle over the years. Which I'm proud of, by the way. *Insert convincing smileys*

So anyway (and you're guessing it right, this entry is heading towards food talk), what's left to do but go find food? So me and the little sidekick nephew went off to Siburan New Market. Don't know where that is? Oh where's my stalking tool? Ahh ... here is a sketch I randomly found off the net.

 Sketch courtesy of  Tay Tze Yong. (Thank you!)

It's a local's favorite eating place, setup in what look like an airy hall. And it usually just opens on weekend to accomodate out-of-towners like me and the rest of the non-working-Saturday folks.

Back to the fare: When you're groggy the morning after, best not too take anything too heavy or you'll be on your way to mid-morning indigestion. If you're below 18, then it's fine. So I just went out of my way to order chicken porridge with the usual condiments, and iced black coffee.

Chicken porridge + salted beans + iced Black Coffee

And the underage nephew ordered Laksa Sarawak and iced Coffee. Pedas! He sweated the bowl stuff. LOL.

Laksa Sarawak Chinese version...

Hey, simple girl, simple dish. Anything goes as long as at the end of the day, the hunger is kept at bay, for a while. Or until lunchtime. :-)

Did I mention there's a Halal section in the Siburan New Market too? Yes there is, on the other wing. There are 1 or 2 Malay stalls selling roti canai, nasi lemak, etc, and probably 1 Indian stall too. And some Bidayuh stalls too (which don't sell Bidayuh food ... got meh?)  

1Malaysia maa...

Pssstttt DENCY of Globalised Dayung: I'm waiting for you to come back so we can sit together-gether have breakfast here and get acquainted. He he

So enough about food. *Burp!* At publishing time, Coffee Girl have had lunch too, but she forgot to take the pictures and so there will be no pictures of lunch fare.



  1. Siburan. Was there long ago to give a talk to teachers at the secondary school there, haven't been since. Oooo....I love porridge!

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love coffee too - kopi-o-peng kau-kau! LOL!!!

  2. Orite a new post for both of us in Siburan "A bowl of kolo mee, A glass of Tea-C special and A cup of Starbucks Coffee".....

  3. embak kmk gi mkan sia ktk,haha.lak mek neman ktk mkn kenyang2.btw, kmk sik suka minum coffee.mek suka teh :P

  4. Suituapui: that must be ages! u shd visit again and join me and Dency (when she comes back la). Ur welcome.

    GD: Haha... mba kopi ya kelak suruh tokey ya bancuhkan. mun jak pandei lah. mun sik engkah dlm thermos. dont forget my coffee powder!

    Hani: ai ju lah. sikhal, teh pun ada bah. :P

  5. yaaaa tang nyaman ada laksa yaaaa...hehehe

    Coffee Girl, you've been linked ! Love your blog, suk maca...hehehehe

  6. *drooling over the laksa sarawak*

  7. Oh? you know globalizeddayung? Hehehe..

    I have eaten in Siburan twice but I have not found any eateries to my liking. But Sarawak Laksa (Chinese) is da best!

  8. Tiq: Hehe... benar nyaman! Thanks for the link. Linked you already. love your tats btw. ehem...

    Arief: whoa... you drop a saliva my man! ahahaha!

    Willie: well yeah, and will know abt GD more soon. :-) did u try the market? i have no specials either, but when ur hungry, u cant afford to be picky.

  9. i miss laksa sarawak...lamak dah sik mkn..

  10. Lia: ur not in Sarawak kah now? oh tedah... later i courier ok. lol


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