Friday, February 11, 2011

Recap... and some easy cash...

Dropnotes for the whole week:

1. Still awaiting precious management decision on work-related transitions of here to there, there to here etc.

2. Still no uplifting news on my mini walk-up den. Some people better move their asses fast. I want to settle down already.

3. Still on a detox week after the previous food indulgence over the weekend. Results are fantastic, if you count the amount of time I spend speeding back and forth from my cubicle to the ladies. For that little action, try a glass of prune juice in the morning, and a glass of sugarless lemon juice before bedtime. Very potent.

4. No Valentine's for me this year. Going to be too busy pretending my life is on a roll to even think about it. Every year it's the same story. *No ma'am, I jumped off the cloud nine years ago... what do you want from me?*

5. And finally, I won an easy RM50 from MsTikot! for answering some really simple questions on her blog. Hehe. Awesome huh? Thanks Ngek! Lain kali buat lagi!

Happy Weekend People!


  1. ceh... sik bulak kata ku. dapat bertenet ku sitok ngang... tea lady merik aku userid ngan password..he he he

  2. Dayung....Valentine aku ngan Peterpan! Sehari aku ngan Peterpan....ku balik lak, mok belajar kejap main guitar...ku mok berlalak main kat USA...

  3. Big Momma: ahahaha! harus cepat dan update, kata org. cewah bagus punya tea lady. kakak mesti ada access juak nak. bagus ku tenet kat honda jak klak.

    GD: Peterpan? sine? concert ka apa? sik suka la Peterpan sejak nya scandal. main jak sia, suruh JTimberlake nyanyi. hehe

  4. Wahhh...memang RM50 eh. Cia mek lok!! XD

  5. FnF: siklah bulak! haha. meh jum gi Raja Ayam Penyet!


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