Friday, February 18, 2011

Recap 2: What the **** is going on?

What? It's Friday already? It felt just yesterday I did a Recap 1 for last week. Is the week moving too fast or am I moving too slow? Or maybe it's my stay-at-home neighbor who shouts at her kids every morning to get dressed already for school and numbed my focus. Sound carries. Sounds scary.

This is the Post-Valentine Entry people. I've said my due, and you've said your due, and now we shall all be due together. Whatever that means. How is my English? Confusing? Screw it. 

There is no Recap 2. I was just bluffing. I am making a very random and lame post, so none of you, and I repeat, NONE of you could grasp any meaning of this at all, and make sane and sound comments out of nothing at all. Go ahead, I dare you! 


Have a nice weekend all of you. And I mean ALL of you, regardless of wherever you stand in your opinion of other people.

Now, Be Nice!


  1. Yea babeh... I be nice ;-)

  2. Agree..always be nice so nobody gets offended. Happy weekend. :)

  3. Hi Coffee Girl, ha ha, nothing wrong with your English.
    But the time passing by fast....maybe nothing spectacular, or heart palpitating, cannot sleep at night, eye brow raised happenings?
    Never mind, you just take a breather, relax and give someone a smile....
    And you keep a song in your heart.....
    Best regards, Lee.

  4. sanggup baca entri lamak..[poret mode ON]..haha

  5. Oo dayung..yalah like what Uncle Lee said..nothing wrong with your English..hehehe

    Stay cool dayung !

  6. Ivynana: hehe. gik blur kah?

    Ms Tikot: be very the very the nice... you nice! i like!

    Kak Midah: amen. Happy Weekend to you too kak!

    Uncle Lee: gracias senor. tot some people cannot read between the lines mah... Hehe. You too... keep a song in your heart unker! :-) It will warm you all days of your life.

    Vivian: Ahahaha. lambat cerita kitak tok. sikhal, belum terlambat gik ko. lol

    Tiq: ooo dayung sangun! Thanks. :-) you stay cool too! Happy weekend bebeh!

  7. i had a great weekend. heheh
    how bout you?

  8. Uncle Seven: hehehe... sikda lah. Cool tok.

    Arief: so did I. it must've rubbed off. *grinned*

  9. Okeh... kira bagus juak entri tok. atleast dapat molah urang blur...termasok la kamek skali err ishkkk...

  10. FnF: eheheheh... bagus bagus.

    Willie: LOL. you three!


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