Monday, February 7, 2011

Now what?

You heard it first from me.

I recounted last year about receiving a new boss and a new regime, right? That is, if anyone remembered.

Guess what. Major reshuffling up there. Not too soon after that, the only 3-months boss has been asked to return to HQ - probably for a promotion - and now we will be receiving another new boss. And so will other region elsewhere.

Exhausting! In truth, the bunch of us were still reeling from the abrupt change and still in the process of warming up to the most recent boss ... and now this. A new boss I can deal with... a new regime I can't. Not too soon anyway. Maka baru jak culture shock ari ya. Start agik. Any day now.

Oh gad.. to even imagine starting up all over again. Asyik tukar-tukar, bila lah kerja nak polah? If anybody say 'life is interesting' right now, I will personally kick you.

Ai yai yai... no time even for a background check.

But, my only consolation is, the second new boss has his own pressure: He has a big shoe to fill right here. And that I bet he is as anxious to meet us as we are to meet him. 

I just hope I can survive and overcome this. What is coffee for, right?

I want it.. I don't want it.. I want it.. I don't want it...


  1. Cuba laa kamek jadi new boss kitak hoh. Baruk la lega skit kitak kali hoh hehehe..

  2. haha.bena kata fnf, mun nya jd bos ktk.nang sik bgung ati ktk.mala tetak entamnya.haha.:)

  3. FnF: ahaha! ada macam ya kah? sak kamek hari2 suk datang keja. asal jangan pecah perut jak lah, lalu sik keja kelak.

    Hani: ya ku madah. kah kah kah. not a bad idea!

  4. best apa tukar boss...iboh sepak aku auk ;)

  5. Hi Coffee Girl, maybe you get a lady boss?
    Anyway...thats life....just when you thought the road is nice and smooth, you hit potholes.
    But hey, when the going gets tough, the tough drink iced coffee.
    You stay easy, give him or her a chance....and have a great rabbit year.

  6. Ivynana: bolehlah, asal jangan selalu dan singkat sangat masa. kepak tauk sik nak mikir

    Uncle Lee: It's a definite he. thank you for the encouragement. :-) iced coffee. i like that.

  7. life is getting interesting eh?
    ok you can kick me.

  8. Arief: what r u, on kick-wish? LOL... it is it is!

  9. Aku kinek tok tgh enjoy belajar...kerja 2 taun gi!!! Hehehe

  10. GD: belajar jak, kelak bekeja lain gik cerita. :-)


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