Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aku nak jugak!

*Want some Apple products? Phone? Mac? wateva? You should probably check it first to see if I am bluffing*

Anyway, after reading from Cyril post earlier about Redmummy earning RM12K a month from merely blogging ... suddenly I am so resolved to be 'rajin sikit' this year.  Well, she didn't merely blog... she was hardworking, she was prepared, she was resourceful. But I bet when she first started, she was like me... unsure of her footing.

But then again, I have been a blogger since 2004... I think. But 2 domain hosts and 5 blogs later (one after another, and one was involuntarily blocked),  I am still nowhere close to even being in between of anything! Let's just say that inconsistencies, and circumstances forced it or had a hand in it.

Suffice it to say that I will never win any Writer's Guild Award this way.

But suddenly, I have so much inspiration! No wait... I am broke. Thus the inspiration. Lol. How else to make halal money, like my neighbour said, if not through sheer determination and hardwork?

So... I am resolved to make this work. Cyril gave some good tips for free the other season ... and well, let's hope that works. Oh I know this won't be easy. No such thing as overnight success, who are we kidding right? This is going to be like my attempt at weight-loss... NEVER EASY.

Talk is cheap. Air liur lagi cheap. No harm trying. The world need money!

With that note: I leave you with this mouthwatering bowl of King Prawn Tom Yum Kung from Secret Recipe. Tangan ya belongs to Ms Tikot. Hehe.


  1. kmk pun maok 12k..gila eh..rasa mcm sik cayak..tp ya la berlaku..uhuhu sama2 rajin!!

  2. lapar ku nangga gambar ya lok.

  3. 12K... dahsyat eh!.. mesti mok rajin juak tok eh heheeh...

  4. Vivian: menar oo... how did she do it? ku jeles eh. amateur na aku tok. :-(

    Ivynana: ahaha... makan juh!

    Christine: u too? hehe...

    FnF: yalah nak rajin juak. kitak sikpa juak banyak dah readers...

  5. demmit.. tomyam tu mmg nampak sedap..

    btw, nice blog. love reading your thoughts ;)

  6. Fina: hehe.. memang sedap. berasap! and thanks for dropping by. :-)

  7. jadi boleh tau ka progress ... mana tau ko dapat lebih dari 12 K...supaya saya pun ada semangat untuk capai macam tu....

  8. Arieon... haha no such luck so far. Even my Adsense is crawwwwllllliinnnggggg....


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