Friday, February 18, 2011

Recap 2: What the **** is going on?

What? It's Friday already? It felt just yesterday I did a Recap 1 for last week. Is the week moving too fast or am I moving too slow? Or maybe it's my stay-at-home neighbor who shouts at her kids every morning to get dressed already for school and numbed my focus. Sound carries. Sounds scary.

This is the Post-Valentine Entry people. I've said my due, and you've said your due, and now we shall all be due together. Whatever that means. How is my English? Confusing? Screw it. 

There is no Recap 2. I was just bluffing. I am making a very random and lame post, so none of you, and I repeat, NONE of you could grasp any meaning of this at all, and make sane and sound comments out of nothing at all. Go ahead, I dare you! 


Have a nice weekend all of you. And I mean ALL of you, regardless of wherever you stand in your opinion of other people.

Now, Be Nice!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A thought on Faith...

... Just feeling slightly out of sorts.

I shall not make an entry about Valentine's Day because I'm sure whatever I will say, and I have a lot I would like to say, will probably offend some people. Or even if it's not offensive in its intention, some will still find something about it to make it so. The world has changed drastically overnight. Making a mountain out of a molehill, to say the least.

I kind of felt the same like the time when I read about a church was burned somewhere. I didn't take offense in that, instead I wept. Because the implication in that was unmistakable. This also brought back the dreadful feelings of tragedy looming when people started joining or inviting others to join hate groups in Facebook over small matters, a year plus ago.That alone almost made me revoke my account, but unfortunately you can only deactivate, and not delete altogether.

Faith and religion are two very different things. Godly people and religious people are two very different things. One is an institution, the other a merit of a belief. I can believe in God and not belong to any religion. I can have a religion without actually believing in God. Basic English. Basic knowledge.

You can say my religion is false or my belief is unfounded or my faith is wrong. I can say the same about yours. But we won't because we respect each other enough to give it a rest. That time will come when each will be made to defend it against the other, but that day is not here yet, but it's close. There are many faiths in this world, there are more than just the major two.

My religion is what I put down in paper forms. My faith and my belief are what I hold true when I pledge my allegiance to my God. How people show their allegiance is their responsibility and their own accountability. We will be judged accordingly someday. Using Whose measure? Not man-made, that's for sure.

I only know mine says to draw near unto Him and He will draw near unto me ... in as little as a verse that means so much deeper than that.

Do you ever wonder someday, when we die, and we all will, and when we stand before our Creator, that after all that is said and done, that we actually made the right choice?

Don't be offended. Just a thought. :-)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Morning delight...

(I don't approve of credit cards, but this could be an exception. Don't believe me? Try lah)

What's a Saturday without indulgence? I woke up feeling hungry. Oh wait, I always wake up feeling hungry. For food. That probably explains the cute curves which refuses to angle over the years. Which I'm proud of, by the way. *Insert convincing smileys*

So anyway (and you're guessing it right, this entry is heading towards food talk), what's left to do but go find food? So me and the little sidekick nephew went off to Siburan New Market. Don't know where that is? Oh where's my stalking tool? Ahh ... here is a sketch I randomly found off the net.

 Sketch courtesy of  Tay Tze Yong. (Thank you!)

It's a local's favorite eating place, setup in what look like an airy hall. And it usually just opens on weekend to accomodate out-of-towners like me and the rest of the non-working-Saturday folks.

Back to the fare: When you're groggy the morning after, best not too take anything too heavy or you'll be on your way to mid-morning indigestion. If you're below 18, then it's fine. So I just went out of my way to order chicken porridge with the usual condiments, and iced black coffee.

Chicken porridge + salted beans + iced Black Coffee

And the underage nephew ordered Laksa Sarawak and iced Coffee. Pedas! He sweated the bowl stuff. LOL.

Laksa Sarawak Chinese version...

Hey, simple girl, simple dish. Anything goes as long as at the end of the day, the hunger is kept at bay, for a while. Or until lunchtime. :-)

Did I mention there's a Halal section in the Siburan New Market too? Yes there is, on the other wing. There are 1 or 2 Malay stalls selling roti canai, nasi lemak, etc, and probably 1 Indian stall too. And some Bidayuh stalls too (which don't sell Bidayuh food ... got meh?)  

1Malaysia maa...

Pssstttt DENCY of Globalised Dayung: I'm waiting for you to come back so we can sit together-gether have breakfast here and get acquainted. He he

So enough about food. *Burp!* At publishing time, Coffee Girl have had lunch too, but she forgot to take the pictures and so there will be no pictures of lunch fare.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Recap... and some easy cash...

Dropnotes for the whole week:

1. Still awaiting precious management decision on work-related transitions of here to there, there to here etc.

2. Still no uplifting news on my mini walk-up den. Some people better move their asses fast. I want to settle down already.

3. Still on a detox week after the previous food indulgence over the weekend. Results are fantastic, if you count the amount of time I spend speeding back and forth from my cubicle to the ladies. For that little action, try a glass of prune juice in the morning, and a glass of sugarless lemon juice before bedtime. Very potent.

4. No Valentine's for me this year. Going to be too busy pretending my life is on a roll to even think about it. Every year it's the same story. *No ma'am, I jumped off the cloud nine years ago... what do you want from me?*

5. And finally, I won an easy RM50 from MsTikot! for answering some really simple questions on her blog. Hehe. Awesome huh? Thanks Ngek! Lain kali buat lagi!

Happy Weekend People!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Now what?

You heard it first from me.

I recounted last year about receiving a new boss and a new regime, right? That is, if anyone remembered.

Guess what. Major reshuffling up there. Not too soon after that, the only 3-months boss has been asked to return to HQ - probably for a promotion - and now we will be receiving another new boss. And so will other region elsewhere.

Exhausting! In truth, the bunch of us were still reeling from the abrupt change and still in the process of warming up to the most recent boss ... and now this. A new boss I can deal with... a new regime I can't. Not too soon anyway. Maka baru jak culture shock ari ya. Start agik. Any day now.

Oh gad.. to even imagine starting up all over again. Asyik tukar-tukar, bila lah kerja nak polah? If anybody say 'life is interesting' right now, I will personally kick you.

Ai yai yai... no time even for a background check.

But, my only consolation is, the second new boss has his own pressure: He has a big shoe to fill right here. And that I bet he is as anxious to meet us as we are to meet him. 

I just hope I can survive and overcome this. What is coffee for, right?

I want it.. I don't want it.. I want it.. I don't want it...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good ol days ... CNY ...

*KEJAP! Want to own an Apple? Any Apple? Cool bah. Grab while it lasts! Benar tok!*

On the eve of Chinese New Year, my ex-colleagues and I - one half of the dirty dozen and one other new breed - met for lunch to catch up and relive the good ol' days. We were a noisy lot in those days, but one by one we up and left the group, until it withered and rumoured soon to be dissolved.

The meeting place: Causeway Bay at Titanium Walk. Ok I just add that last part. Right behind Titanium office building, behind Ipohtown Kopitiam and Toastbox and McGregor Pub (is that the name?) ... and scores of other interesting food outlets. The new IT place for young professionals.

Anyway, the food was fantastic... we were hungry. Dim Sum. And we had 2 of everything, or close to. 'Sesi mengutuk boss', or ex-boss to some of us. Too bad Killjoy couldn't make it, all the better, his double-meaning talk used to irritate me no end sometimes.

But enough about that ... let these photos finish the entry for me. Spot me and you get a plate free!

Marky, Big Momma, and Ron-ron the new breed...
Who-dat, Yung-si, and BurpKing ...
Yam puff...
Deep-fried calamari, siaumei, bamboo rolls, egg-yolk bun...
Up close some more...
Yam cake! My absolute favorite...
Marky christened this the Nenen Bao... huh?
Chicken feet...
And this is er... another something mai...

On that note: 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aku nak jugak!

*Want some Apple products? Phone? Mac? wateva? You should probably check it first to see if I am bluffing*

Anyway, after reading from Cyril post earlier about Redmummy earning RM12K a month from merely blogging ... suddenly I am so resolved to be 'rajin sikit' this year.  Well, she didn't merely blog... she was hardworking, she was prepared, she was resourceful. But I bet when she first started, she was like me... unsure of her footing.

But then again, I have been a blogger since 2004... I think. But 2 domain hosts and 5 blogs later (one after another, and one was involuntarily blocked),  I am still nowhere close to even being in between of anything! Let's just say that inconsistencies, and circumstances forced it or had a hand in it.

Suffice it to say that I will never win any Writer's Guild Award this way.

But suddenly, I have so much inspiration! No wait... I am broke. Thus the inspiration. Lol. How else to make halal money, like my neighbour said, if not through sheer determination and hardwork?

So... I am resolved to make this work. Cyril gave some good tips for free the other season ... and well, let's hope that works. Oh I know this won't be easy. No such thing as overnight success, who are we kidding right? This is going to be like my attempt at weight-loss... NEVER EASY.

Talk is cheap. Air liur lagi cheap. No harm trying. The world need money!

With that note: I leave you with this mouthwatering bowl of King Prawn Tom Yum Kung from Secret Recipe. Tangan ya belongs to Ms Tikot. Hehe.