Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello... Again...

This was unintentional. And annoying, nonetheless.

My earlier blog ( was blocked indefinitely, by Google. For whatever reason, mostly spam. It never happened to me before, so I'm being suspicious of something, somebody, somewhere, somehow. It is currently in the process of being monitored and probably restored. But Google said 2 working days. 2! It's almost a week now. I am giving up hope.

But... know this: I did not block it, delete it, or restrict it. Not voluntary. Not this time. If I had wanted to delete it, I would've done so already. But looks like Google went ahead without me.

All is not lost. I am still alive. Just when I was about to rediscover my love for writing insanely, it went and restrict me! If that isn't stupid, I don't know what is.


And just so you know... the content is just about the same. No intro needed. :-)


  1. Is very sayang on loosing the old one....
    My youtube acc was hacked last year, and I've keep on writing letter to both youtube, and google, look for ways at all the forums, cause I have old videos inside my acc, and fortunately I got it back after one month :)

  2. relinked mem..
    woh! that's scary! I hope semua ok coz u have precious writings there.

  3. Wilson: aihs, malas la nak write in. I'll just wait for them. Pissed already.

    Ida: Thanks. :-) if they dont restore it, biar jak lah. boring ku

  4. Ish! boleh jd gia ho... skati jak cdak google tk aie... btw, kmk da relink ktk blt... (",)

  5. Ainna: yalah, kisah benar ya. Thanks.

  6. owh...i'm sorry to hear that...T_T...
    i wish that will not happen to my blog...
    coz i can't imagine when that happens...
    need to start over again...

  7. syaftome: nang benar inconvenient... agik juak sik dpt restore access... entah google gik mengorek rahsia ku dlm ya kali... syukur sikda pelik2...

  8. adeh.. ya la ku heran kenak sunyi jak CG tok.. sekda bunyi... tok duhal kesnya... anyway... keep it up with yr writing.. giney2 pun mun ko suka nulis, tulis jak... okeh... :-).

    Happy New Year 2011!

  9. Rose: tok la duhal kesnya. Happy New Year!

    Nimi: :-) he he


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