Sunday, January 16, 2011

Country drool time: ... Easton Corbin

Meet my latest muse addition: Easton Corbin. Talented, young, charming, with an angelic voice that does not even match his youthful looks. Cute right?

His voice... I hate to say this, but he reminds me of George Strait and a little bit of Clay Walker and John Michael Montgomery, and a lot of Collin Raye! There are a lot of voice similarity in country, but don't let that spoil you. This one will reel you in, I promise. If it doesn't, there's something wrong with you. Kid.

Easton has been around, but not that long, but I happened to stumble upon him today while browsing through and googling "Country stars who drink coffee". Yes, I do that a lot in my free time. And the surprise always done me in. Worthwhile!

This is like discovering the next high-octane coffee while not even expecting it... flush, fresh and flavorful.

Here... have a taste of High-Octane Easton Corbin brew... on me. :-)

I Can't Love You Back...


  1. Yehaa...Country Song! Nya nang cute ba....peminat lagu Country USA ko oh....ya laju gi save banyak duit nun, boleh ko singgah kat Florida nun..kekekeke

  2. Yohhh! da gik lagu country. Masok blog tok nang asa koboi laa hehehe...

  3. GD: it's genetic. Ya lah ho.. lamak juak ku nak save tok. nunggu bonus lok

    FnF: hehe... sak kitak rasa cam nunggang kuda jak. :-) ney topi koboi kitak ney?

    Uncle Seven: glamer dlm dunia country jak. Sikda masuk dlm Carta Hits. haha


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